Causes of the Education Inequality in Malaysia and the Possible Ways to Solve the Issue

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I agree about education inequality does exist in Malaysia, many rural schools in this country are so isolated that the students are not aware of scholarships and grants available to them. Why I agree about it? In the paragraph below, I will discuss the issue that cause this condition and give suggestions on how to help students when they meet this kind of problem, let us know what they will face and how they can solve their problem.

In city area, student can get scholarship information from many ways very easy. For example, internet, newspaper, magazines and other. But rural area is not like this, this kind of information source is difficult to find, so they are difficult to get scholarship information. For example, the signal of the internet and telephone is not strong like city area, they are difficult to get information from internet or through telephone communication with scholarship provider to reconfirm are the information is right or wrong. So, this will cause the source of scholarship information is not up to date and easily to get the wrong information from the expired material.

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In order to prevent this condition, we must up to date all the scholarship information to all school no matter is in rural area or urban area in the same time to prevent student get wrong information from different way. Fixed the source of scholarship information in the school is easy and convenient for all student, if student have problem in study, they will always ask their teacher and hope to get their opinion to solve their problem. So, if they have financial problem to continue their further study, school may be will become first choice for them to ask about scholarship information. Not only this, if the information is got from same time for rural area and urban area, this is also fairer for all the student to fight for the scholarship and increase the opportunity for student to get the scholarship.

So, school is very important as the communication channel between student and scholarship provider. This not only benefit to student and scholarship provider only, this also benefit to the school, because most of the student they give up to study is due to financial problem, they need to get money for their family, so if school can provide them detail information of scholarship let them no need spend more extra expenses for their children further study, this will more encourage them let their children go to school study and in direct the student that willing to learn in the school will also increase.

Besides that, the attitude toward study is also the different between rural area and city area. This is also one of the reasons that cause student not aware of scholarships and grants available to them. What I say like this? For rural student, they most are thinking study is unused for them, it can't help them to change their poor condition of their family, so most of the student in rural area is not thinking for further study to the college or university, they are hope can go to work faster and get the money to improve their family condition especially elder daughter or son in the family. This will occur most is affected by their family, because most people in rural area don't have high education level, they only think study is only waste money and time, it cannot help them to settle their financial problem.

Although some parent is hope their children continues their study but also have some parents think their children have grown up, they can find out what thing they need for their future, so all the decision they do for their future, they do not have any reason to stop it. If they think they want to find job and stop their education, they don't have any reason to say no. This kind of parent in some condition may be is good, it can let their children do anything they want but if their children is still thinking immature, they only have a good imagine for their future. This may be will become the reason they face the failure in the future. So, in this condition, parent must become the person to give opinion for their children, they must use their own experience to let their children know their thinking is suitable or not. But not all the student is willing to hear the opinion from their parent, they are thinking study is boring, they are most likely to go out from their hometown to the city to enjoy their own life, they also don't like their parent to disturb their future planning, they hope to have their free life. So, in the mind of them, if they continue their study, they must stay at home and must follow the hope of their family.

Due to the reason above, this will let them less interest to find out information of scholarship for their further study. So in this time, let teacher more communication with student and their parents is very important, they can let their student know what is the importance of study and what advantage it will bring for them. They also can act as the third parties for student to their parents what their children want and also can let them know study can let their children life easier and it is very good for their future. For example, they can let their students know if they are only a high school student that don't have any working experience, what job can they find, maybe they can find some part-time job like waiter, shopkeeper or other but are this kind of job can they do until they dead or retired. So, they are needed to study, not only the college or university they can choose for their further study, vocational technical college also a good choice for student to learn for their future, they can learn the skill they need for their job. For example, if they want be a chef, College of Culinary Technology is the good choice, they provide them all the knowledge they need for their future job like how to cook dish from different country, how to design your new dish and menu, how to take care your food safety and other. They are all can use in their kitchen if they want to be a chef.

Except this, transportation is also important for all the student to get the thing from the city area. So, if the road condition of rural area is not suitable for transportation to drive, this will become one of the problems that will cause student not aware of scholarships and grants available to them. All the thing from the city area that can used to get the scholarship information like magazine, newspaper, telephone, laptop and other are need transportation to transport from city area to rural area. If the road condition is bad, this will cause all the thing from city area is difficult to transport to rural area and in direct thing will become least and expensive. For example, if the bridge over the river is made of wood, how the transportation cross over the bridge and the driver must find out other way to drive to the rural area, this may be will cause road distance become longer than the distance direct cross the bridge. So, if the bridge is large and hard enough for the transportation over, this may be will let transportation cost reduce and make the good they transport easier to get from shop in rural area. If they can transport it faster to rural area from the city area, this will also prevent student get the information from the expired material and lost the chance to get the scholarship.

So, improve road condition is very important for rural area due to transportation but this is also the very difficult thing that cannot do by personal or a company only, this must be help by different government department like Malaysian Public Works Department, Malaysian Highway Authority and other. They are the department under the Malaysian Ministry of Works. Their responsible is maintaining and building the road in Malaysia. So, if they can help to plan and build the road that is more suitable for the transportation to cross over this will not only make the good can easier to transport to the rural area, this will also help the rural area attract tourist come to this area and increase income of shop around there. Building road is the first step for improve the road condition only, if road is not maintaining when damage, it will return to the condition before, so it is also very important step for improve road condition. But this is not easy to do if only depend on government department, if they can get help from road user, it will become the easy job. Why I say like that? This is because if this is only depend on government, how they can know the condition of all the road? Are you know, In Malaysia, there are how many roads that is used by the road user? So, this is very difficult for government department to know which road is needed to maintain, so if the road user can let them know, it will let them take action faster than waiting until they know. If they can know earlier, the road will also can maintain earlier. If the road is maintained earlier, it can also help to prevent the road condition damaged again and prevent car accident occur due to road condition.

Not only this, if road condition can improve, public transportation in rural area will also can be use by the student, they can go to school by school bus or other transportation like bicycle. This will directly decrease the burden of the parents and increase their interest in their children to go to school if their children can go to school themselves and no need their parent by their side, they can do their own things when their children is in school. Due to this reason, the school in rural area will have more student than before but this time may be will lack of resource for their student. In this place, resource is not only said money, they include teacher, classroom and other. So, if resources not enough for student to use, school must try to improve the school environment to suitable condition for student to study. This is because this will become the reason that student does not interest toward study.

Why I say like this? For example, in rural area, if classroom or teacher is not enough, they will combine student that is different age in one class, this will cause teacher cannot concentrate to teach their student in the same syllabus in the same time, they may be will disturb by other student when teaching or other student may be will feel boring when teaching and start to play or chat with other student. In this condition, how teacher can do, scolded or punished? If they do like this, are they will follow the instruction? Although they may be followed but time they use to punished or scolded is already waste. So, this will let student feel not interested toward study if this kind of problem occur again and again.

Due to this reason, this may be will become one of the problems that cause student not aware of scholarships and grants available to them. Why I say like this, this is because school environment can let the student increase or decrease their interest toward study, if they are no interested in study, how they will be willing to further study for their future. If they are not willing to further study, why they want to know about the scholarship information? So, improve the school environment for rural area is very important for student to increase interested to study and willing to further study for their future.

How we improve the school environment for our student? In a school, teacher is very important so in one school must have a good teacher as a leader to lead the other teacher to a target. For example, if a teacher as a volunteer to help student in their poor subject after the school-time, other teacher will follow her behavior and willing to help the other student. So, we must find a good teacher for every school in rural area to lead and motivate other teacher to follow their behavior. But this is not easy like I say before school in the rural area don't have money to develop the school environment and cause most of the teacher not willing to teach in the school in rural area. So, what can help them to solve the problem? In city area, they can get donation from student or other media like newspaper, magazine or get fund from the Ministry of Education to develop the school condition but in rural area, they can't get donation from their student. This is because most of the family in rural area is in poor condition, they already don't have enough money for supporting their own family life so how they are willing to donate to school. So, the only way for the school to get the donation is through the media like magazine or other. They can let all the world know about the condition of the rural school and this will attract the kind person, they will donate thing that are needed by rural school like money, book and other. If they are a teacher, maybe they will help rural school to overcome one of the problems they face that is lack of teacher. They may be will choose rural school as their future work location. So, media is very useful for all the world to know about the condition of the rural school and encourage the people give a helping hand for the rural area to improve the school environment for the rural students.

In conclusion, I would like to repeat I agree education inequality does exist in Malaysia. The gap between urban and rural schools is available which is sources of scholarship information not available, attitude toward study, road condition for transportation and school resources insufficient. Although this kind of problems is not easy to solve it, but we still can find out some way to help the student in rural area which is fixed the source of scholarship information in every school, let teacher more communicate with student about their future and more communicate with student's parents about their children's future, improve road condition for transportation and get the donation from the kind person to improve school and let them know about the school condition through media. In the last, I would like to say study is important for all the people, it can change your life and help you in your future.

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