Education is not the Only Route to Success

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Education Is Not The Only Route to Success

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According to the dictionary, education is defined as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. Over the years, it has been debatable as to whether education is the only route to success as success comes in different shapes and forms. According to the Dictionary, success is defined as the attainment of wealth, fame or social status, or to accomplish a desired aim or purpose, while to Gates (2018), he believes that success is about making an impact to the society and to leave a legacy behind. However, to achieve success, it can also be obtained by one’s gifted talent, planning ahead before executing and to possess admirable qualities. Hence, education is not the only route to success.

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Firstly, being talented can also lead to success. Talent has been defined in the Cambridge dictionary as the natural ability of an individual doing incredibly well at something, especially without being taught. Many have been a formal believer in the theory that Lionel Messi is an incredibly talented individual. One of them is Conte (2018), as he praised Messi as the kind of player that emerges once in 50 years. Minguella (2015) is another believer of the theory that Messi has been blessed with a gift for football, which perhaps no hard work can surpass, and because he did not have much physical strength, but he had great ability. Messi had also set incredible records such as being able to score 60 goals in every season. Settimi (2017) stated that if Messi’s entire bonus is paid this season, he will gain the top spot on the annual list of The World’s Highest Paid Soccer Players and round up the top three of The World’s Highest Paid Athlete. On top of that, it was also stated that by combining his $30 million in endorsement income, anchored by his lifetime deal with German sportswear giant Adidas and including a new deal with Spanish sunglass maker Hawkers for a signature line, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner could bank over $130 million by this current campaign’s end. This is a clear example that his gifted talent in playing football has clearly made him prosper tremendously well in his career not only in the aspects of wealth but also the fame he obtained through the endorsement deals. Therefore, being talented can make you achieve success too.

Secondly, planning can be another way to achieve success. CliffsNotes claims that planning allows you to have a clear sense of direction on where you are going, helps anticipate problems that will occur and provide a guideline for decision making as decisions are future-orientated. Based on Lesonsky (2016), Palo Alto did a survey that involved Business Plan Pro software users. The results of the survey reveal that out of 2877 people that completed it, only 995 had completed a plan, 64% of them had grown their business while for 1556 others that did not complete their plan, only 43% had grown their business. The responses showed that for those who had a plan before executing it, had twice as much chances to successfully grow their business compared to those who didn’t write a plan. This serves as an evidence that shows planning will lead to better results and accomplish your desired goal. Hence, planning can be another way to achieve success.

Thirdly, the admirable qualities such as perseverance in an individual can also bring one to success. An example of one that demonstrated that will be Thomas Edison, the one that is best known for being the first that invented the practical and affordable incandescent electric light bulb (Latson, 2014). Palermo (2017) claims that Edison had tested more than 3000 designs for bulbs between 1878 and 1880 and more than 6000 plants to determine which material will allow the bulb to last the longest. Despite the countless amount of hardships and struggles that he faces, he still forges ahead no matter how tough and disappointing it will be until he succeeded. The strong sense of perseverance that he cultivated also allowed him to become a record-holder for a sheer number of U.S patents as he obtained 1093 patents until the 21st century (Latson, 2014). Perseverance definitely played a crucial part in inventing light bulbs, leaving a powerful legacy behind and improving millions of our lives. Without him, we could still be using candles. Hence, the admirable qualities that one possesses can also lead to success.

In the end, an important question to ask ourselves is: what is success to you? Ultimately, success to everyone is subjective and thus success can be achieved by different ways and education is definitely not the only route to it. However, it can be achieved by other methods such as being talented in an area, possessing excellent moral values, or to plan before you execute the plan.

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