Education Should Be Free for Everyone

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Education is the process of learning of knowledge, skills and belief. Education should be free for everyone because the economies are changing very quickly and this leave short span of time on parents to be financially affordable with the same pace of change in economy thus putting pressure on parents as how finances should be arranged or if not arranged their children will not be able to study ahead.

In Pakistan, the percent of GDP spent on education is around 2.4% and the literacy rate in Pakistan is 62.3% but the criteria for being literate is that person should be able to write his name in any language which should not be the criteria as it does not judge a person to be educated because he has not attained any primary, secondary and higher-level education. As the people of Pakistan are not literate enough that’s why we have crisis of leadership. The leader is feudal landlords who had a vision of making a person slave not how to benefit them and these are the one who become MPA’s and MNA’s and become corrupt as they don’t have any belief or value of using resources efficiently that’s why Pakistan is facing economic crisis because all of the budget is being taken by ministers and not spending it on developments.

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Due to instant changes in the job market like the needs of highly educated labor had caused a problem for parents because they think that if they cannot afford the education of their child and therefore they won’t be able to get jobs then what will they do? If the education was free for everyone, each one of the parent’s anxiety will be removed and they will be able to focus on other goals excluding education.

Students will be able to focus on their education as they will be getting free education they won’t have any problem about how the education will be financed thus they would be mentally strong and be able to focus on education as a result they will be completing their education on time and they can also focus on achieving good jobs.

As everyone would be coming from the same standards there would not be any discrimination about poor or rich, private or public college. Every one of them will be selected in job market on their own capabilities rather than not on their educational background.

If education is not free then the lifestyles of people will be affected because they won’t be able to get good jobs and therefore won’t be able to purchase more consumer commodities and also they would have lower social status as many people would treat them as lower than them. They can also ask them to carry out works for them like driver and cleaning etc.

If the labor is educated, the output produced per labor will be greater, therefore, the economy can achieve economic growth because labor is efficient, he knows the methods which can be used to produce well at the lowest cost and without wastage thus benefits producers as their profits will increase because they will be producing goods at lowest possible cost and selling at higher prices.

The crime rate in the country will fall because if the person is educated he would have higher chances of getting jobs and achieving all needs therefore, he won’t turn towards illegal activities for his survival.

However, providing free education can cost the economy because providing free education will have huge financial expenditure which can be opportunity cost of any other projects, government can spend this on health and technology etc and providing free education will also cost time in addition to finance because government will need to appoint people to look after that everyone is getting free education or not and also to monitor that resources are being used efficiently or not because in public sector there are greater chances of corruption.

In rural areas, people have a general perception that if their child will go to schools and colleges then who will help them in their fields as they are in a poverty trap because they are doing this for many generations so free education won’t take them out from poverty trap because from generations their whole families work together in fields to support each other.

Providing free education to everyone can cause problems for the government because many people will be educated, there will be many number of people willing to get jobs but all of them won’t be able to find it thus unemployment rate in country will increase as government will be spending more of the resources on education so fewer projects will be started to create jobs resultantly unemployment will rise and can increase crime rate in the country.

Providing free education will be a wastage of resources because will the passage of time economies are using the more capital intensive method in which more machinery is being demanded instead of labor thus the demand for labor will fall and their educational skills will be no longer needed in the job market.

Conclusively, education should be free for everyone because it has many benefits to the economy, affordability, and development of life with the expense of few opportunity costs.

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