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When starting and transitioning to something new, some can react in more ways than one. From having complete confidence to having serious anxiety, an individual has a different way of coping. Between elementary and middle school, I had learned everything I needed to know. Everything leading up to high school brings me to another element as far as life and education. My educational background was just as normal and crazy as any other kid. But I had these moments where my wide range of perspectives changed or made an impact that I could remember for a long time. That impact is what caused me to remember transitioning from middle school to high school.

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In middle school, the teachers taught me okay, while the students surrounding me taught me more about life. I made my best friends, gained much more education, and I had learned more about myself. I began to cherish the time I spent in middle school.

Transitioning from middle school to high school meant growing up, and it ultimately meant taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort zone. In this new building, I explore new faces in the halls, and a new schedule Most importantly, I noticed that the biggest change was the change within myself.

The transition to high school was an exciting new experience for me and my fellow freshman. It is also filled with personal challenges that make the experience unique for different individuals. Other students may have found challenges in the new environment such as things along the lines of dealing with a larger school, and issues in communicating and balancing school with more and harder work, while other students had no trouble with these changes but had challenges elsewhere.

As my alarm started to blare threw my sleep it was time to go to high school, I had checked my phone, and it was now 5 am. I had l down to the think about what I had expected to come in the next years. When I got up and started to get ready, I was thinking about what to wear, how to do my hair, and what I should do with my makeup. I did my hair multiple times until it was somewhat decent. And when I was eating my omelet and fruit, my thoughts started to drift to school I became so excited yet very much so terrified at the thought of my first day in high school. I knew I would feel like a little fish out of water; so lost and very confused. I was very conflicted about my emotional and mental frame going into high school. It genuinely felt much to me like my first day of growing up, the first day of becoming an actual teenager.

When I got into the car the feeling of nervousness had caught up to me the whole way to high school. And right, when I got out of the car, I completely had no clue where I was. I had become used to walking through the middle school doors and meeting up with my friends to talk about how our summer went, but the first day felt much more different. Ultimately when I walked through the high school doors some of my feelings of fear began to fade, when I saw a group of friends. As we continued to walk the halls we stopped in the halls.

Since we were the new kids, we had to line up together in the cafeteria with the rest of our class year as we talked and listened to our administration, We pushed open the big bulky doors and suddenly a wave of noise came rushing into my ears. Mobs upon mobs of older experienced students were all over the place. Everyone had their little friendship groups from middle school, and as I found mine, after several minutes of pushing between the large herds of kids there was the unfamiliar and uncomfortable feeling of a new place in the atmosphere.

As I sat in my first class, my views became almost like an eye-opening moment, and it changed my path to my high school career completely. In physical science for my first assignment, we had to write about our individual opinions about science and how, what, and expect to learn from high school. But for some odd reason, I felt extremely nervous about every little detail in the assignment as well as in high school.

Me, continuing throughout the day I had begun to realize high school was a place that could elevate my education and maturity level when becoming a young adult. I knew that I might be able to handle all the work and stress that was going to be dealt out in my new classes. Later I had started to notice that high school was a lot like middle school and that I would try to handle and grasp onto changes between schools.

Throughout the day I become less and less nervous and more ravenous. When into the lunchroom I stopped in amazement; there were swarms and mops of freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors filling the cafeteria. While ravenous students filled the lines and tables, I stand in the middle looking for a friend to sit and eat with. When I found a group of friends to sit with, we began to discuss how each of us thought of high school.

As I continued my day, each class was an all-new experience for me from American history to French, each class had its certain element and was a whole 360 from each other. Towards the end of the day, I started to realize 2:40 was coming up and I was excited to go home. And when that final bell rang, I quickly walked out to the bus because the tiredness was getting to catch up to me and I went home.

When I walked into high school, I had experienced school in a whole different light; excited by a new environment, I did somewhat okay academically. I learned that if I tried hard, I could succeed; if I wanted something bad enough, I gather the ability to take advantage of opportunities. At the end of the day, I recognized that high school elevates my education, and high school also can help me develop opportunities, grow, and bring new skills to the table. I started to see how high school allows me to work with individuals from different backgrounds and different as well as different personalities to become a leader and team member.

My first day of high school gave me insight into how much this new building would change/challenge me socially, emotionally, and mentally. And in conclusion, High school gave me more options, viewpoints, and ideas. And how I change will depend on my actions, it will depend on how I handle the challenges thrown my way. High school and my educational background have become a place for me to grow and learn, no matter positively or negatively that would stick with me for a very long time. And when walk out Highschool I wanted to be able to use all the skills I had learned and leave an impact on others' lives, so I can grow into an educated citizen. High school from that day moving forward pushed me to become a Leader that challenges and inspires people to go above and beyond their comfort zones.       

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