Few Advices on Animal Training with The Help of Dog Training Collar

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For an adequate training we advise you to follow the following points:

  • Allow your dog to become familiar with the collar. Before starting to use the collar you should put it on and leave it on for a couple of days without using it. At first the dog will try to scratch and bite him, but he will quickly get used to it. It is important that you do not use it until the dog is totally used to it.
  • Familiarize yourself with the necklace and learn to put it on your dog. You should also learn how the training collar works. It is important that you try it before the first use with your dog.
  • Learn to put it correctly so that it does not cause any discomfort. The collar should fit comfortably on the top of the neck, near the ears. The receiver has to be well placed, with the two heads on both sides of the trachea. It must be tight enough so that it does not cause pain, but in turn does not move in any direction. You have to be able to put a finger under the collar
  • Make sure the size is correct. The best size for the necklace is one that fits naturally. Do not buy one that is very tight, but neither one that is very loose.
  • Dog leash size train If it is too tight it will be very difficult to put it on and take it off. If it is too loose, it could slip when the dog lowers its head or does not work correctly.
  • Also consider the volume of your neck when the dog has long hair not only when shaved or cut with a dog hair clipper .
  • Read the instructions before using the necklace. In the instruction manual you will find all the safety information and how to use it. You will also find how to put it on and take it off the dog. If you’re still not sure, seek advice.
  • Associate the corrections to the orders one by one Before starting to correct a new behavior, make sure that the dog has associated the previous order with the corresponding correction. This will avoid stressing the dog. When you put the collar on your dog you tell him that he has to pay attention. It has to be used as a reminder or to give you information.
  • Do not leave the dog just trying to figure out how the collar works. The collar is a training mechanism and must be used as such. Each time you want to correct a behavior, say a first NO and press the acoustic mode at the same time.
  • If the behavior persists, say NO! A little stronger and use another mode of training, for example, vibration or stimuli. If the behavior persists, say NO! Much stronger and activates the training mode you used previously, increasing the intensity of the effect a little. Dogs are very intelligent animals and you will quickly learn that the sound means NO and the vibration or stimulus means NO !! In such a way that the only way you will have to stop that uncomfortable situation is by obeying.
  • Reward the dog when he correctly executes the orders If each time you activate the collar the dog only receives signals that you are punishing him quickly will cause discomfort and insecurity and will stop obeying.
  • Reward him too! Each time you execute a command and the dog obeys, reward it and encourage it to continue doing it well. In this way the dog will learn that what he does is fine and he will not feel any fear when a correction in his behavior is necessary.
  • Do not abuse the necklace Try to use it only when necessary. The best thing here is to use common sense.
  • Make sure the number of hours the dog can wear it. Do not use it on all walks or when the dog is unsupervised. Your dog should only wear the collar during training sessions. Use it only when you are trying to make orders to correct behaviors.
  • Never activate it when the dog is playing. Remember that the collar is used to correct behavior and you do not want your dog to associate playing with bad behavior.


The best dog training collars are a good way to correct behaviors in your dog. As we have already mentioned several times, it is essential to use them with common sense and knowing at all times how to use them. Apart from being safe, effective and practical, the investment you make in them is worth it. With the amount of current offers in the market, you should have no problem finding the right one for you, especially if you follow this guide. You have to remember that before using one of these necklaces, you should be informed. With this guide this step is already fulfilled.

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