Motivation Strategies for Increasing Student Performance in Education

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Strategic Learners

Strategic learners are motivated when there is a reward that is involved. They do well in competition activities as well as when they are given opportunities to go above someone else. When it comes to school, they have good grades, however they do not find themselves easily able to engage deeply in a situation unless there is going to be a reward that is being involved. They as well when taking test often like to just study for what will be on that specific test or assessment and then after they take the test, the knowledge they gained they discard. Those students are now labeled as Bulimic learners. A way to help deal with this is to assign your work to where deep engagement is required and the students are easily able to appeal to their interest in the subject.

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Intrinsic Motivators

Intrinsic motivators are those that enjoy a certain subject. They like to bring its relevance into the world and into their own personal life. They feel as if they have a calling towards it which leads to them feeling accomplished. The advantages of Intrinsic motivation is the fact that it helps to promote student learning which goes hand in hand with focusing more on the matter of the subject rather than the reward that could be given out of it. However there can also be some disadvantages that go along with intrinsic motivators. They may require multiple ranges of approaches in their learning. This would occur in schools and also in the workplace at one’s job.

Extrinsic Motivations

Extrinsic motivations are those that are willing to put in the hard labor for a reward. However if there is no reward that is being involved then you will rarely find them doing the hard work that may be taking up a lot of their time. For example someone who may work in a factory doing work in the assembly line, they would be okay with doing this job because they would be receiving a check for it. This describes an extrinsic person. Extrinsic does not focus on personal satisfaction or motivation but more so on what they can get out of something.

Self Efficiency and competence perceptions are both a common factor in influencing motivation motivation in students. Both of these attributions deal with the students beliefs about whether they feel they can successfully and efficiently finish a task they are given. This is related to students who can successfully finish a task by having persistence and perseverance throughout. Other factors include having a higher level of interest, containing attributions and control beliefs, as well the type of atmosphere and environment the classroom that the child is in.

You should always acknowledge what a child is doing or saying. It’s never okay to make a child feel as if they are not being heard or that their opinion does not matter. Positive attention is important, especially in younger grades. Encourage the students to want to learn more and excite them with new and exciting weekly activities that will help enrich their education,

Provide them with feedback that will help them later on. Things such as “no good” or “try harder” are not suitable to helping a child in their future or right then. In this case, this is more of a constructive criticism type of situation. Give them options for how they can better themselves later for future assignments.

Teacher Motivation

Teachers are always looking for ways to reach their students and help to get on their level, or in other words, trying to motivate them. A couple way teachers can do this is by one, drawing connections to real life. A child wants to know why what they are doing is important, why does it apply to them? How does it apply to them? By getting the answer to these questions., they are able to gain a sense of direction in becoming more motivated in class.

The answers to their questions has become a way the kids can rely on to connect perhaps their science homework to the daily things they do at home, such as working the microwave. Another way is by getting the students involved. Don’t leave them out of the equation. When a child is getting their hands dirty and contributing to a group project they feel included. Therefore when a child is feeling included, this allows the child to feel more comfortable in the class, as well enjoy spending their time there at school.

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