Educational System - the Backbone of a Nation

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Educational System – the Backbone of a Nation

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Educational system is the backbone of a nation. Every nation frames the structure of educational system such that the future generation might recieve the most benefit from well organized eeducation. The utmost importantance of eductaion to train the future generation to be an asset rather than a burden is indisputable. WIth that being said, the above mentioned statement not only descourages the youngs to follow their passion but also tries to limit their realm of exploration. Not everyone will succedd in the same manner and nobody should dictate what anyones journey should be, least of all a well built and sound education.

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Some will taste the forbidden fruit of success in an early stage of life and for some it will come later in their life. And some, some might not get to taste it ever.But that doesn't mean that should deter a person from pursuing his dream. Nobody in this world comes with unbound talent. Every form of expertise needs to be cultured over a period of time. It's rare to see an artist to paint a picture that stuns everyone at his first few attempts. It's time that makes an artist to find his niche and it's the job of the educational institution to keep him motivated. Yes, even after thousands attempts and failures. If a person is not initially good at something but poses immense interest in that topic, he should be motivated to pursue it as long as it can hold his interest.

If educational institutions started to discourage, everyone to give up areas where a student might experience failure is just an idea, all too bizzare for the society's developement. Not everyone will get to Abraham Lincoln on an instant. One of the most successful presidents of the United States of America had to go through a lot of hurdles in his time and life. But if his the then success rate regulated his choice he would have never been one of the most loved man today.

Educational institution don't breed successful people. And success too presious of a thing to be achieved fortnight. Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, Neils Bohr there tons of scientist who initialy failed a lot of times befor the world recognized their true potential. Had the educational institutions succeeded in it's quest to deter them from following their interest we would have still be living in the dark, without electricity and all the other modern amenities.

For instance, the national poet of Bangladesh, Kazi Nazrul Islam was an young boy of 10 when he had to strat working in a local bakery. Life was hard for him. He had to live in penury and got beaten by the cruel hand of society. But he did not gave up on his passion. He used love writing and that's what he did till the end of his life, even after he got robbed of his voice through the irony of fate. Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates dropped out of college to create revolutions. These individuals saw something extraordinary but they found it difficult to pursue that while being inside an ordinary educational systems.

Educational institution gives a society a concrete system to help the young generation to build their career, and be successful but it's not capable enough to dictate their future by prohibiting them from choosing their passion.

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