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Educative Aspects Of The Film ‘Ant Man 2: Ant Man And The Wasp’

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Superheroes are easy to do! Since the battle of “Captain America 3: The Civil War”, Ant Man had been striving to balance the two identities of “father” and “superhero”, hoping to be a responsible new good man! Just as he tried to adapt, he was urgently challenged by Dr. Hank Pym and his daughter, Cassie Lang. He had to put on his shirt again, incarnated the ant man together with the new teammate Wasp, and worked together to unlock the secret of global safety! The whole film revolves around the theme of family, love and justice. Despite the connotation of dialogue was simple, there was no famous quotes and dialogue of philosophical thinking. However, the characters in the play used sincere actions to show their care to their loved ones and family, and let people feel the deep affection, love and family, telling the relationship between family members, making the whole film closer to the general audience, and more life-oriented, without very big events and conspiracy. The interaction between Scott and Cassie’s two fathers and daughters make people feel so warm, as Cassie always knows how to cover up his father at a critical juncture and swears to be the best partner for Dad, and also telling people that Justice saved our lives.

The Warm heart love story between Ant-Man and the wasp, they cooperated with and fell in love with each other while fighting against the Ghost, who was wearing a silver-white shirt, have a set of high-tech Armor that made herself invisible and could attack them suddenly when they were trying to search for her. They love with each other allowing them to have more time to stay and fight together, so they finally could success to fight against the Ghost and letting the world became peaceful again. When everyone of us feels tired, we all need the recognition and encouragement of the closest people, In today’s bustling society, people in society became indifferent, because they thought life is meaningless, they spend most of their time working and social intercourse, and ignore love, as they mostly thought that working is more important than love. However, some people have not been able to find a real partner at the age of 30, it will cause population aging, and I think it is reasonable, because love is nurtured by time, love is like a flower, to be able to become colorful and tall, we need lots of time to watering and care of it. So love can be nurtured from companionship and experience. So I think people should change their core value, I think love is very important actually, love can change the emotion and the core value of a person, which can lead to a better social development and a better education for the second generation of people, love can let you to communicate in various aspects of personality, thought, and emotion. The closer the relationship, the more requirements there are for such communication. If you don’t have the kind of love that can get deep communication in all aspects of thoughts and feelings, you will feel lonely and depressed. If you have found a partner, we can cooperate with each other to face difficulties, which can make our life easier.

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In the previous superhero movies, Marvels always tried to enlarge the story, not to save the whole city, to save the whole earth, or even to save the entire universe. However, in Ant Man 2: Ant Man and the Wasp, Ant Man just wants to save his family. He had a very affectionate relationship with their daughters in the film. For the sake of the daughter, he was not only willing to sacrifice everything, but also made him determined to shoulder the superhero mission, to show that the relationship between family members should be kept in close. “Family” is the first environment in which everyone come into the world and is the most important and basic organization in human life. For children, the family must survive, and the main theme of the film is also the core value affected by mutual care between family members. Talking about the impact of family on children’s learning and socialization, family is very important to the growth of children, children must have the family companionship and support in order to grow healthily and have a correct mind. In today society, the divorce rate was going higher, the children also had a lack of time to stay with their families because of living in single-parent families, they had some wrong values, letting the social crime rate rise. Remember I have heard news about 3 teenagers who were aged 13-15, went into a brand-name shop and stole a total amount of 2000 dollars of clothes and shoes. After they had arrested, the news was told that three of them were coming from single-parent families. After that incident, they were still unaware of repentance and thought they were doing the right thing. So, you can see how important a family is meaningful to a child, family is just like a company which making cars, if it was a good company, it could make high quality and high-performance cars. However, if it was a bad company, it just would make cheap cars.

Ghost was a clever computer engineer, and she invented the GhostTech, which was the latest technology that can make wafers invisible. But after an accident of an experiment, the high-tech core melted into her body, and took control of her mind, allowing her to traverse the wall of the copper wall and harmed to people, causing human casualties and destruction of the city, and eventually became the enemy of Ant Man. So, Ant Man in order to achieve justice, he had a decision to defeat her to prevent social unrest. Justice is like the sunshine and air. It is an indispensable basic meaning of a good life. Also, Justice marks the value coordinates of citizens’ hearts and affects people’s sense of acquisition, happiness and security. In our society, justice lets us willing to help other people in need, we can help and learn from each other, not one stone two birds? That also made the people in the society easy to overcome difficulties, however the emotion of the human will be improved, we will live happily and satisfied together. But unfortunately, back to reality, most people did not have a heart with justice, because they were selfish, they would only take care of their own interests and ignored the situation and difficulties of the others. Everyone in the society like that, there will not have a spirit of “All For One, One for All”. The Human will not have progressed, and the society will not be well-developed anymore.

In conclusion, I think that “Ant Man 2: Ant Man and the wasp” is a set of educational movie. In previous Marvel films, they were just all talking about how to defeat alien enemies and their internal strife, and there was no any things that let us to learn more and discover more around the world. Although Ant Man 2 did not directly educate us on some important aspects, but it indirectly showing that love, family and justice are very important to our society and ourselves, allowing us to reflect on how we can make our future society become better developed and our own core value.


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