Effect of Age on Female Reproduction


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The oldest woman in Australia who gave birth to a baby naturally was when she was 51years old and a 62 years old Tasmanian woman became the oldest mother in Australia after conceived via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). An Indian woman conceived via IVF and gave birth to a boy when she was 72 years old. It is shocking to me that there are people choose to have a baby when they reach 60 or 70 years old. Everyone in the world has the right to make a choice about their life, I also understand that the couples were very keen to have a baby and I feel happy for them that they achieved their dreams. However, in my opinion, having a baby in such an old age is not only irresponsible for themselves, but also for the baby. Firstly, health problems are associated with women and their babies who conceive in their later life. Women who conceive at ages such as sixties or seventies have already reached menopause, so they have to intake adequate hormones in order to maintain pregnancy.

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Also women at such ages are more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes mellitus and gestational hypertension, so medications are needed to alleviate those complications and greater care must be taken to maintain pregnancy. Babies of women who conceive at such old ages are more likely to be born preterm, often requires a caesarean section which makes it even more harmful to the mother and the baby is not as healthy as those who were born full term. The another important factor is that even without having a baby, women at sixties or seventies should already have deteriorated health and their physical abilities are also become unfit, then how are they going to take the responsibilities as mothers to accompany their children growing up and provide financial support to their children? Later when their children go to kindergarten or primary school, they may also start to question and wonder why parents of their classmates look different to their own and if without proper leading, this sort of contrast with a long term period is not beneficial for those children’s psychological development.

The rates of loss of follicles that containing oocytes accelerates around 35-37 years of age or when the number of oocytes decreased to the threshold which is around 25000 follicles. This phenomenon is due to increasing age, the granulose cell competence undergoes reducing rate of mitosis and steroid synthesis which will cause damage to DNA because of oxidative stress. The quality of aging oocytes is poor and these oocytes will increase the risk of Chromosomal abnormalities and non-disjunction during meiosis.

From previous lectures, it is known that young people in today’s society choose to have a child in a later stage, however as age increases, the fecundity decreases. As a result, the longer they delay their childbearing, the harder it will be for them to conceive and also the chances of having chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome in offspring will also increase. Such chromosomal abnormalities not only affect the health of the child for a lifetime long, but also the situation of this child’s family will become harder as it costs more to raise up a child with chromosomal abnormalities.

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