Effect of Individual Factors on Youth

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Governments and communities’ worldwide growth of growth through the development of prosperity and regional development. Their people are especially young. Youth Profit Issues Interestingly. This study is about the main concerns of scientists and governments. Developing a young enterprise helps not only reduces unemployment. The most important thing is, you do not wait until your company starts and waiting for your fate. Get a job Sunday was the 27th state of the Indian Republic of India. 2000 Atranchal is a snow and green mountain and bricks are fertile and the rivers are quick, and many natural carpets are also beautifully decorated. This is the place i live in most reliable pilgrims’ places. Atheist is now facing unemployment and immigration. The government should take appropriate measures to make a youthful enterprise the country. The State Department has proposed several recommendations. Recognition in the Foreign Industrial Industrial Development Policy 2008Provides a number of packages for industrial development in mountains and far-reach areas. You identify some key rules below the policy 25% of the investment in machines and machines; 50% cost for mega projects Infrastructure visits the country. Government costs 75% of the cost. Property rights, ISO certificates, ISI certificates, quality control, All new FDI companies and licensed FPOs are included in one lakh equipment production and industrial facilities. Those who participate in service activities are 100% of the electricity available bell for ten years. Current Traders these limitations also absorb large companies. Countries that have this most economical economic policy, but encouragement. It influences the preliminary interpretation of youth at the beginning. No matter what happens. The business can be seen inside the government in terms of development.

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One of the main barriers in choosing entrepreneurship for youth in the Atlantis. Lack of investment, lack of previous experiences and guidelines (Sharma and Madan, 2013) too many. A large number of educated, unemployed, unemployed and young people is a big social issue. If the government does not control and control over time, the government may be a major problem Government. This study examines the effectiveness of different factors Former experience, enterprise development, youth education and information Focus Individual factors play an important role in investing. However, these elements work very much at the international level. I tried to evaluate it again in context. Professional selection is a routine process encouraged by faith, behavior and experience, Primary research shows that construction companies in similar way (Davidson,1991; Katz, 1992; Shower and Scott, 1992 (. Samon (1979)Individual goals depend on the current knowledge and experience of decision-making. Who makes the assumptions supporting these ideas that play under the arena experience: Develop professional goals and increase decision-making experience “Despite identifying the future probability,(Boomer and El., 2009). People are less responsive. Experience is very thoughtful (Pyremy and Eight, 2009). With students The experience of the former work has also shown interest in the initiative of the Spirit. Ghazni Research, and others. (1995) and Usman and L. (2006) College Practical experienced students are likely to be potential businessmen. This is the use of previous work experience students have good knowledge of business, good things grow, create networks for getting the resources to get started Price. The interesting thing is that these students study in non-profit sectors, Christianity and the Search Institute (2004).Impact of academic background in your organization’s instructions Previous experience as a trader is increasingly connected with the relationship. (Baddy and Wesex, 1994, Cooper AlL 2004), studying in Sri Lanka is part of self-recruiting. Business students’ comparative business goals are relatively comparable low (nurse, 2009). The agent seems to be in the area. Business education is recognized as a core organization. It can influence student decision-making (Colorol and 1997; Kennedy, 2003). China (2010) Artworks and Experts. Education is the only type of education that can be guaranteed. Business and job creation for youth. Another study of Vedas Other (2010) Technical institutions, technologies and technologies for immigrants in the United States. Create a company with a significant place in spite of their excellent education. There was a difference due to the class. We tried Choose general characteristics of this individual and expand your search the results of this field are in a similar assessment in Athens.

Literature Review

The literary ideology clearly emphasized the importance of the intentional studying personal information about data. (2000) this is a new activity that can be. Characteristic of the “characteristic” Of the linguistic characteristic is very explicit from the “population”. Articles and related factors this is based on three elements: practice Lilly standard so this decision can be made. According to fair or realistic results the staff must be very strong (Amazom1991 schedule east 1988). Allo emphasizing that decision making a person decision that is largely stable (Rider 1991 Scott and l 1989). The work of psychiatry literature is evaluated for this study personal business department. The second nature technology evaluates the effects of primary effects. Organizational development personal information and finally we work an effective business of business or curriculum. The department of this study does not effect launch. Assessments show that past careers have been experienced Decisions and business activities (Cladud Ata 1992). Katie Low Television (Televised Tide). Fox, 1977 Harche and Breast 1984; Scott Tom, 1988; 1989; Taylor And Thunder, 2004) You know how much people Arex-network navigation and network modeling. A business or lab is a friend or close. These people are likely to start their business first. Level notifications (Collins & Moms, 1970; Copy and Dunberburg, 1984). Shafif and Soko (1982) Prague and Opera (1995)Historical creation and sharing require a selection. It happens and both experiments. In 1994 (1) replace the status of the equipment and the equipment. Thoughts based on past experience and new experiences may affect their businessBANDNAA ARART (1986) tested the final work.It is remembered that the experience of old investments can be interesting. Plan your future plans to provide rolling rolls Interaction Business Communication is one way of it. These are related to Sheroku and Sukok Tori (1982) and Azizi (1991). The student experience was affected by the previous experience. Many researchers(Shafafo and Soko, 1982, Worker and Action, 1993; File and Digg, 2006;.Mac Mullen and Shafer, 2006) review business and third-party expertise. Experience business experience and see it as essential And if so, we help create a business goal. Everything is good with the individual skills Tchachev and Kolvereid (1999) show that the above research demonstrates democracy. Characteristics of family history and experiences However, the principle of meditation affects only behavior. running Mcstay’s checkup of students in Krakow (2008). Have little knowledge of the first experience. The old business has committed itself against the student. Another lesson in Sri Lanka that helps him Create a business. Learning is relatively low (Nata, 2009). This place is clear the difference to the difference is important Outcomes of young business activities. We do so Try to communicate with both under Altstadt terms We made the first episode. Writers (Masters and Masters, 1995, Scott and Mama, 1988) are working. Experience in the business profession and influence the creation of others Business Capacity (Bird 1995). Many authors have sent it. Explain how useful it is. Chris and Brookes (1994) show that the first job. The potential introduction of this experience can improve one’s capabilities, abilities and abilities.

Business Opportunity Mexico and Westerl (2002) Entrepreneur Tell One aspect of their ability depends on the new one Already with experienced management experience of Box and L. (1994) and Chan (1996) think that industry experience can be very valuable Identify the initial stages of the unnecessary project. Hart and L.(1995) believe that knowledge of relevant industries and industrial networks is an important asset. Describe the need for a new company for resources to find these resources in the election. Create flexible partner agreements with resource providers. Learn Samuelson (2001) says that experience in similar industries is positive. For development in modern institutions. Lee and Song (2001) perform and perform Factors affecting the effects of development management Creating capitalism Note that strong industry experience, products, processes, Or as the most important feature of the business model is recommended for financing Group (Smith and Smith, 2000). Other authors (shurveda and saagal, 2007; Oki, 2003) Emphasis on the importance of in-building technical experience. Advertising One of the most recent studies on Ved and Al-Qaeda. (2009) is also highlighted Business experience related to business. Researchers watched. Founder of 549 companies in various industries including defense pilot, computers, computers, health care and services. Most respondents (75.4%) Before starting, many companies have been working for six years About half of their own companies (47.9 percent) started their first company. Ten years of work experience. Percentage of respondents started alone after 11 to 15 years (23.3%), the company first worked for 16 to 20 years (14.3%) or more than 20 years (10.3%) for others.H1B frequently: Students do not have any effect on previous tasks. Business Process Warrior (1944) said that intelligence is a social and personal factor. works with a logical and eco-friendly. Baghban (2006, 2007) has information about personal decisions Developing, developing and developing an individual’s ability to cultivate, culture and culture, Prices and opportunities are compared with the recommendations and initiatives (2010). Education is related to some parts of power and is based on changes. Providing a special trial instead of mental and spiritual characteristics. That is why it will be born from the community spirit and social force. Gild and Ram (1989) findings that 86 SME owned and 21 SME businesses were traded. In New York, I thought the staff had a chance to spend more time. It is clear that the scene can be supported on its effect. The market was commercially traded, and some of the offers presented. Companies, International Projects, Instant hartg and L. (2010) Additional technologies and impact on interviews in social trade. In terms of work, mathematical skills and language skills are strong. New information for workers and towers (2000), creative, special technology is based on the new organization’s success. I’m sorry. (2001) Recognized positive relationships between the practical information and the business community. Successfully announced business processes and commercial networks (2004). This technical analysis requires new and practical elements. Smart, they did not Partition of component (analysis, creation, and reality Electricity) is a success of business success. Another look at the guardian. (1988) Common feelings seem to be from someone who does not deny. Behavioral behavior relates to employee behavior. for more information. There is no study on the effect of academic taste in goals. one day this account (Deser and Vanessa, 1989, Dot, 1993). The general level of recruitment and the operational information process For people under 12 years, measurement is positive and active. In the future, the vote will be the second survey. (2009). is this549 companies from various industries have received scholarships and scholarships. The results of the company change. 75% of a survey Baha will give her academic achievements to the 30% high school Food grade (52.4%) was 10%. I trained more than 30% of training trainning more than 30%. The least part of the graphic effectiveness is estimated (37.5%)10% of the study shows academic information. The most important factor in student activities is more than personality. We will know best in this area. Relations between the Education and Business ProcessH2 prototype: Students have no impact on university information. The study has shown that public education has a positive impact.

Successful success (Douglas, 1976; Robinson and Baba, 1994, Werer, 1990)Kennedy (1939) emphasizes that there may be major changes in educational programs. I’d like a businessman. Scott and L (1998) reject this education. Economic assets have two important roles first, reduce their education. Experts in higher education, especially business trends.The need for higher education and how effectively education is needed. possible investors through participation, management and management. Business Skills “Brooke Houses and Heritage” (1986) and “Settlement and Holes” (1998). They learned, because the current and future traders are young and hatred. Background Gartner for developing a new organic industry (1988) Education develops new industries and plays an important role. Therefore, it is important to know what things and what they have learned. Who does business Although most authors can support it commercial Property Company (Douglas, 1976); Cooper and Dunbalab,1987, Robinson and Baba, 1994 Scott, NL, 1998), resulting in It is not more than 38% of the high school diploma or business courses. Report Small Problems (2001). Less than 65% or less the graduates have not completed their studies; Wajar (1990) and Robinson Sexton (1994) concludes that good traders have higher education rights. Compare someone to read it well It is very successful in combining the general education experience. at the same time. At that time, he acknowledged that he was learning the specific training results. General public education “Mail” Wedding trader or research or research center “If you are a manager, planning a business for everyone is worth it. Official Writer (Colorado and Lola osa, 1997; New, 1998, 1919; Watson and August 1998; Source and 2007 (Higher education insisted. Business and Business Development Goals I.Like Evolution (1982), he studied the study of cancer and pesticide bombs. In 1997, Higher Technology has acquired professional education. This study shows high levels of higher education and higher education. But there was no difference in the development of the company. people who manage regional research and research. This statement Learn about the impact of other educational systems about building commercial buildings Your work and business need more research. On both sides study about each link Christine Steyn and Internet (2004) have not found any effect. Age, Business Education, and background business in your business Education benefits, children learn literacy. Business (Digas, 1976, Césare, 1984, Rebinson and Baba, 1994), Business Case You can successfully start your work and business university. However, training, staff, and teachers can help to understand and use Business plans, marketing strategies, ideas and opinions, such as budget results, Legal Issues and Human Resource Management (Economy, 1986, year 1993) Diggas (1995) 153 companies could not afford to complete this study. There is an important connection between Academic Base and the Development Speed. Survey conducted by 652 business leaders and the United States (2010) 502 Fostering engineering and technology companies From 1995 to 2005, the company sold more than $ 1 million or more than 20. Other employees and branches are around 50 or more. Result Explain that half of them taught lessons in technology, technology, and engineering. Mathematics and related articles (STEM) and only one third have taken the place. Business, Responsibility and Finance I have been talking about Birkin. Harvard Studies (1986) found several types of business founders. Include all business related educational backgrounds. Beginning, the survey suggests background educational services. Businesses can be different from business people.


We used quantitative research methods to conduct this study. Manage yourself the questionnaire was developed and used as an information gathering tool. The target respondent was the final student of the fever, who had studied in BB. Technologies, MBA, PGMM, BHMC, BPhone. And MCA Process, Sample Method Introduction sample. All cosmos Approximately 20,300 respondents were targeted. Separation, to prevent rebuilds there are two main categories. The first grade is students i have learned with special courses and other courses. Student categories did not study commercial articles. Ratio of 1 category was approximately 15% and the ratio was about 2 percent 85% of the population20,000, population is 95% of the population. At least 85% or less than 15% and with confidence of 3%.Your offer is 530 (zinc, 2003). Add sample size for this. The survey is 530. Based on fashion festivals around the world, MBA, MCA, BTech, B. Revenue in Government Form and BHM and whistle was selected. This seat sample size and equal ratio of final sample esach course represents the population.

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