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The “Fight or Flight” response, also called a stress response, is a short-term reaction to activated stressors in the body. A stress response is an impulse that serves as a survival means for mammals. Predecessors from time immemorial fought various enemies with the help of these responses yet this reaction may cause difficulties for a person as it affects its physical attributes (Scott, 2019). In general, the “Fight or Flight” response is an accumulation of numerous changes as an individual’s body interacts with different environments and is exposed to several stressors. Responses differ from different individuals. Harvard Medical School (2018) defined physical response as a common reaction to stress such as chest pain, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, elevated blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, fainting, visual difficulties, eye twitching, thirst, vomiting, and excessive sweating. Responses are also evident in an individual’s mental state. For example, people pressured with stressors have poor concentration, loss of sense of time, unstable thinking, suicidal mindset, change in attitude and values, lack of skills in problem-solving, and heightened alertness.

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In addition, Yaribeygi, Panahi, & Sahebka (2020) examined the stress responses that vary from the severity of stimulus that leads to different cases of complications such as diseases because of long-term exposure in stressful settings that can be a factor in having pathological conditions. The study assessed the stress responses and their cruciality on the physiological systems of individuals.

It was found that the cognition of an individual is an essential part of its brain function in which data is interpreted whereas learning and decision making takes part in the cognition process. It is considered that mild stress improves the cognitive function of the brain specifically the constructive and linguistic memory of an individual. The relationship of stress and system functions was discussed in which the relations of stress and cardiovascular disease whether acute or chronic stress have a detrimental effect that results in to increase in heart rate, continuous contraction of the heart and arteries are observed.

The study showed favorable and detrimental effects of stress on an individual where stress leads to survival in life. On the other hand, the detrimental impacts were more observed because of several pathological conditions and diseases. Different factors like hormones and neurotransmitters caused the body to respond to stresses from its surroundings. Different disorders came from stress particularly if an individual was exposed to long-term stress (Panahi, Sahebka, & Yaribeygi, 2020).

According to Chang & Eward (2018), the nature of stress cannot be removed in a person’s life as it directly affects a person’s behavior and way of thinking. It was found that good environmental spaces can help to reduce the level of stress and stress responses of an individual. It is important to have a good environment for a clear and quick recovery from stress. Executing a stress reliever method to relax a person’s mind and body is one of the ways to deal with the physical and mental responses (Scott, 2019). 

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