Effect of Technologies and Innovations and Our Loneliness

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Technology has innovated the way we communicate, it allows easy access to anything online via the internet. In today’s society, people spend most of their time staring at a screen checking their text, catching up on social media, watching a new show, or playing video games. With the daily use of technology, we tend to be glued down to a screen, and it can isolate ourselves from the real world causing decreased face-to-face communication. A study in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine states that spending at least two hours on social media causes people to have increased isolation than those who do not (“Technology and Society”). However, technology is beneficial, it makes people more alone because it is easy to isolate yourself when there are inventions such as smartphones and computers that give easy access to the digital world. By depending on these devices for everyday tasks like texting and calling it is easy to feel alone.

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With the creation of the smartphone, we have instant access to the internet on the go. While walking down the street the majority of people are looking at their phone checking text, email, or being on social media. In today’s social norms, if their peers start staring at their phones, others continue to do the same to avoid either an awkward situation or social interaction; instead of being present with the people in the room (“Connecting…Values and Social Media Literacy”). We are beginning to lose the normal way of socializing through human interaction due to the dependence on technology. A journalist Paul Miller did a study where he disconnects from the internet for a year. Throughout the year he learned that “fewer distractions now flowed through his brain” (James, McWilliams). While he hung out with his friends, “To them communicating without a gadget was a foreign concept” (James McWilliams). He observes how the world around him is obsessed with their phones. The main age group who is using technology the most is teens.

The majority of teens have some sort of technological device with them at all times. A Common Media survey says that with all the access to technology gadgets about eighteen percent of teens spend about ten or more hours a day in front of a screen (“Teens and Technology”). Teens are becoming too dependent on these devices making them antisocial. Most teens would rather text over calling someone and they spend most of their day. They are constantly logged into the digital world mainly scrolling through social media to stay connected, but it also makes them disconnect from real life. Although technology has brought major advances to society with the creation of smartphones, tablets, and computers, it also has some drawbacks. Prior generations were more social; instead of playing video games all day, they found other methods of entertainment like going outside to hang out with friends. Before the invention of new gadgets, people found alternative ways to have fun such as doing a crossword puzzle versus now being able to play online games like Words with friends. Using technology too much can be harmful to people’s social skills because it is preventing them from having real interactions causing an increase in loneliness(“ Being more connected while being alone ”).

Furthermore, technology has helped us through our everyday life by letting us stay connected by the touch of a finger and allowing people to communicate easily with other areas of the world. However, It is easy to get lost in the norm of using technology to interact every day and an increase in dependence on technology can be harmful to one’s socialness. Therefore by using it all the time to communicate can prevent people from having normal interactions causing them to feel isolated from the world although being constantly connected into the digital world.

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