Effect of Technology Access at Early Age

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Technology is everywhere and it is not going away anytime soon. Technology have adapted very fast in our life. It has only been about fifteen years but it’s already a backbone for the young generation. On average, people look at their phone ten to fifteen times a day. As technology innovates, those numbers keep increasing every day. Although, it might not be a major concern among grown-ups. Learning to use a computer, smartphone at a very young age have countless negatives impact on their developmental processes such as addiction, lack of social skill, and poor time management.

In first place, it is very easy to get hooked in smartphone because of their flexibility and bright screen which makes easy to keep eye on the screen. It forms a dependence among children at very early age which creates feeling of isolation and anxiety. That is the reason, many children get feeling of annoyance or anger when their parents take their phone or tablets away.

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Second of all, conversation is a great way to express individuals feeling, ideas and opinion toward something. But it is rare to see face to face conversation among teenager at this time period because technology have almost replaced it. Frequently, children rather talk to their friends via text or social media because it avoid open conversation. This can be huge issue regarding to kids future because it can cause unstable mental health issue; when you can’t with communicate in person. Furthermore, when individual having a face to face conversation, they learn to deal with adversity by getting feedback in the moment but in social media if someone don’t like your idea or opinion, people simply try to avoid situation like that.

Likewise, time management is crucial piece of skill which can be learn over time. Proper time distribution help individuals balance work and family. There is direct correlation between grade and happy family life with amount of time spend on technology. Letting children use smartphone at very young age can harm their relationship with parents and it can have negative effect on their grade because it is easy to get hooked in smartphone and tablet. In conclusion

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