Effective Business Strategies & Analysis of the Community Books Online Store

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Administrative business problems:
  • Situation (SWOT) Analysis
  • Strengths of Community Books online store
    Action Plan
  • Summary


Considerable issues exists concerning the future directions and challenges facing business and organizations today. The evolution of business strategies as currently known today is reflected in the challenges that have been approached through the years. In our increasingly computerized society, it is essential to apply technological aspects and knowledge in developing successful business problem-solving models. Further research has shown that business consultation and implementation of Information System in business premises have a positive effect on the performance of small businesses (Dauwalder, 2016).

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Like many developed countries across the world, United States heavily rely on small businesses to provide employment and hence propel further economic growth. Because of the importance of these businesses to the global economy, various effective business strategies must be recommended in order to uncover all the types of problems that are affecting our businesses.

Problem Statement

The Community Books Online Store, is a type of a small e-commerce business that mainly deals with selling of books and other reading materials such as journals and magazines through internet. In this company, the business objectives are enhanced through team-work among employees, good management, and a reliable information system infrastructure. Despite these achievements, the company is facing various obstacles to success. Creating a business environment that enhance the performance of business processes in this company, has been problematic. Consequently, this paper focuses on the main business challenges affecting the Community E-book online store, and relevant mitigation measures.Types of business problemsWith the advancement of Information Technology, e-commerce has widespread and significant economic impacts have been reported globally (Chen, 2015). However, existing challenges related administrative, business operations and strategic aspects have affected this field. These issues have resulted to a decline in output performance Community Books online store.

Administrative business problems:

Situation (SWOT) Analysis

Strengths of Community Books online store

The use of small business assistance programs such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have been employed in both retail and service sector of this company. Based on clients feedback and response, various reports are being compiled by this company to enhance effective decision-making process.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), has not been successfully implemented in managing business processes such as handling of customer queries and support-customer communication. Also, disorganized administrative management have resulted to poor analytical skills in decision making. Therefore, lack of proper of coordination and interaction with the clients has been a frequent weakness affecting this company. Moreover, lack of advanced IT infrastructure has hindered further development and good communication.


The need for future development is an appropriate strategy to identify a solution path for the problems faced in our organizations (Kavota, 2016). In this company, a framework for new solution techniques have been hypothesized to define the requirements for the analysis of administrative and operation problems, formal problems description, and also representation of recovery techniques of the specified problems. The first approach is concerned with investing more on information systems, in which good record keeping and communication would be enhanced in the company. The second approach deals with development of a reliable organization structure that would facilitate good leadership and management within the company.

In addition, the final approach involves improvement of the current established business procedures such as handling of customer requests and timely delivery of the requested packages. ThreatsWith the trending technology, emerging e-commerce business competitors have diverted their attention more on cloud server storage technology. This process has enabled their firms and business, to secure store and retrieve important business data for use and analysis within their companies. To maintain the trust of the customers, the available technology can be used to improve CRM in this company. The management software can generate more revenue by creating a bond between the customer and company, based on the quality of the products delivered and reliability of the business processes. Furthermore, the threat related to negative publicity can be omitted maintaining a prolonged good CRM. This process is enhanced by loyal customers feel happy to advertise the products of the companies to other customers.


Macro and micro economic factors on business processes. GDPDurable and perishable products relate differently to changes in business cycles. The correlation between the type of products sold by a business with economic changes suggests that more people are relying more on e-books compared to printed copies of the same subject (Yu, 2015).EmploymentSkilled labor enhance the success of a business. Lack of qualified employees in accountings or sales and marketing could affect the overall output performance of this company.


Theoretically, low demand and high supply of business products results to a decline in price of the supplied commodities. Therefore, the output performance could be affected if there are customers requesting books from the business.Production capabilityThe ability to maintain quality work is an essential strategy that should be adopted by business premises. In this case, if a company has no reliable technology for enhancing more production, then creating an effective business environment will remain to be a challenge.

Action Plan

In the proposed need for development, investing more on technology is the best alternative in maintaining a constant flow of information within the company. Secured reliable data lead to precise business models and reports that can be used to enhance business performance through effective decision-making process. The Community Books online store should invest more on technology. This process would ensure that customer data is secured, good communication is maintained, timely delivery of packages and improved work performance.


Business challenges remains to be a major drawback to the success of most businesses. This study has formulated a relevant strategy that define the issues affecting e-commerce business today, and relevant mitigation and recovery measures. Moreover, interest calling for upgrading, changing and further development of IT infrastructure has received the most support as the main approach that can be used to eradicate these problems.

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