The Pros and Cons of Effective Listening and Talking

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The Pros and Cons of Effective Listening and Talking

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Listening and talking are essential activities of our everyday life. Without them almost every task becomes impossible to get by even at basic level. Conversations can become fruitful and productive only when there is cooperation at both sides. People try their best that they are understood but they do not bother to try to understand others so that they can get a better idea of the situation. Imposing one’s own thoughts on others has become somewhat of an unacceptable trend in our society.

Talking is all what people have expertise in. This is the foremost cause of destruction of foundations of many people. Communication cannot become their forte neither are they able to make a functional connection with others. Those with the lack knowledge of this fact are on the verge of having their connections broken with their families, friends, colleagues, relatives and loved ones.

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Both, listening and talking, have their pros and cons but effective listening is far more advantageous than relentless speech. Communication skills are very important when it comes to professions like team captains, politicians, judges etc. in which one needs to listen to the voices of others for a successful outcome. Leadership can never be constructive if it is one sided only. Both, the leader and the follower, need to cooperate with each other for substantial results. A powerful impact can only be produced when there is complete balance between the two skills.

Companies with successful business or other entrepreneurs find employees that have patience and absorbance so that they can adapt to their surroundings quickly. They also find people who are great listeners therefore having a chance at getting a better apprehension of the customers objective and ideas. It is significant that he can take in account the words of his client.

A married couple will be able to overcome the obstacles in their relationship only if they are willing to listen to each other’s advice and problems. A solution can never originate from the depths of misunderstandings and misconceptions. At least one party should be considerate and focus on effective listening of the others issue.

Similar is the situation in a classroom. There is no point in sitting in the classroom when one is not even bothering to listen to what the teacher is saying. A student cannot progress at this rate. Effective listening plays a very substantial role in this matter as well. Instead of the students talking tirelessly to one another during lectures they must pay attention to the lecture and listen carefully.

A person who is more inclined towards having his own voice heard perpetually can never bring out the best from anyone. Refined receptive skills enables one to become a bit more adaptive and to develop the ability to evolve for the better.

In this era, where people are prone to suffer from diseases like depression and anxiety it is better to have someone who understands you and listens to you. Instead of imposing your own mindset on the other person and making him feel caged, a person should hone his own listening skills to be able to get a better understanding of the world and its people. There is nothing wrong in delivering your word to the world but when it’s your turn to listen you must do so.

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