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Why is it so hard to surround children with love and care, why do parents and guardians result to abuse when they are unhappy and unsatisfied with their own lives. What can be done about this? I feel children who have suffered abuse from parents or guardians should recieve proper treatment such as different types of psychotherapy. These types of psychotherapy could be child-parent therapy and trauma based cognitive behavior therapy. The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System reported an estimated 1,400 child fatalities in 2002 this was because of child not being able to get the help the they need.

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Child-parent therapy or family therapy is a form of psychotherapy which strengthens the relationship between either the parent and child or the guardian and child. It introduces warmth into the family or strengthens the bond between the duo. It also teaches the parent how the remain calm in stress inducing situations and how not to lash out on the child.

Trauma based cognitive behavior therapy helps the child form a bond with either the parent who abused or the parent who didn’t abuse so they can help that parent better understand how the child is feeling. This type if therapy helps kids better manage feelings of distress and lonliness to where they feel like they can’t talk to adults to help them figure out their feelings towards the trauma. Using this therapy, kids can better understand themselves and situation.

Although each child needs a different type of therapy and different types need to be offered in different states for the amount of kids abused i feel child-parent therapy is the better therapy of the two becuase it provides safety in the relationship and helps the kid trust the adult more. Also while providing the child with a more stable home life and a way to return to normal life after and tramatic incident such as child abuse. It is way better than trauma based congnitive behavior therapy because this type of therapy doesn’t allow the child to feel as safe as they wouldve with the child-parent therapy. The children might not also want to experience therapy with the parent considering that most fatalities from physical abuse are caused by fathers and other male caretakers. Mothers are most often held responsible for deaths resulting from child neglect. With each therapy child of different ages can recieve help. As of 2017 children from ages 1 to 17 have exprience different abuse. Although therapy is a good solution of child abuse you can also turn to different websites for help such as prevent child abuse America for tips and tricks to help your child.

Child abuse should not be something that goes unrecognized and untreated. All children should be allowed treatment such as psychotherapy when they have a traumatic experience. Most importantly if you see a child who may have has a trauma induced exprience please reach out and help that child in need! Feel free to look at different books and tool kits to help your child.

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