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Effective Ways To Learn

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Do you know learning is a key to success? You can be someone who you wants to become through learning. You can be brainy or super smart like Einstein and richest person in the world like Bill Gates, but they worked many years to become who they are now. Learning is important to us because it helps us to do well in everything. Everyone can be a better person to their job because learning your work will help you to be a good employee, to school because you learned everything you need and help you to be a good student, and in our society because you learned what is right and bad thing that you can do to our society, but there’s a time that it is super hard for us to learn things. It is important too because it can make us confident and help our life to be better and contended. Although learning is the hardest part of education, there are effective ways to learn which are to go to class, to focus, and to have goals. One of effective ways to learn is you need to go to class. In classroom, that’s where we can get help to learn from our teachers. Going to class is important because you can’t learn anything if you didn’t go to class.

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First example, I was 4 yrs. old and I don’t know anything until I went to school. My teachers were always there to guide me and challenged me, so I learned something. As I kept going to class I am learning new things based to the work that I want and important things that we should know. Second example is the article Spiegel, there’s a scene there where the math teacher asked the student who doesn’t know the calculation to solve it on the board. The student doesn’t know what to do but he/she kept trying to solve it, so he/she got it. The teacher challenged him/her to do the equation and eventually the student got it after many trials in front of the other students. So if we didn’t go to school, who’s gonna challenge or guide us to learn the things that we can’t understand or to the things that we are having a hard time to get it. Second effective ways to learn is you need to focus. Focusing on things that you want to know is really helpful to learn. First example, I was grade school that time and I was having a hard time how to solve the equation, so I did focused to my teacher when he was explaining to us how to solve it. I really did focused to him for the whole class, and when I got home I did my homework, and the last thing I knew I was explaining to my friend the process to solve the equation.

After that day that’s my favorite subject until now, so I got a major related to that. Second example is the Malcolm X, you guys know that Malcolm X learned to read and write by tracing all the words in his dictionary. He focused to each and every words in dictionary for weeks and he got it. By focusing, you can learn everything that you wanted to know and the important things you must know. If you didn’t focus how can you learn something, and it’s going to be hard trying to learn without focusing. And last effective ways to learn is you need to have goals. Having a goal is the main most effective way to learn because without that your purpose to learn is for nothing. First example, when I was 3 yrs. old I dreamed to become a cop, so I decided to go to class and to focus to my studies. Every day of my school I encountered a lot problem in my school, like the lesson that I’m having hard time, however, I always think about my dream job and it helps me a lot to face the challenges I encountered. Second example is the article Malcolm X, for your information Malcolm X was inside the jail when he learned to write and read. He has a goal that’s why he pursued to learn it even though it’s hard for him. He only thinks about his goal, so when get out of that place he can do what he wants to do, and that is to fight for the black people rights. It’s impossible to learn when you are just learning for nothing and only for fun because you’re bored. If you have a goal you have the reason to go to school and to focus on what you are doing.

In my opinion, the most effective ways to learn is to go to school, so the teacher can challenge and guide us base on topic we can’t understand, to focus on what you are studying and having a hard time, and lastly is to have a goals because those two effective ways are nothing if you don’t have a goal. In Filipinos belief which is “Education is our only treasure” and “Education is the most powerful weapon we have” are true. Education is like our own wealth that no one can never ever steal it from you, can help us in poverty and make our life to be successful, so without learning you have no education. That’s the only thing you can inherit to your children and next batch of your family, so take care of what you are learning.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?