Effectiveness of Music in Advertisement: Should Artist's Music Be Used in Advertising

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Importance of music
    What Is Music in Advertisements?
    Why Selecting Right Music in Advertisements Is Necessary?
    Evolution of Music in Advertising
  • What Is Jingle?
  • What Is a Commercial Song?
  • Literature Review:

Music is everywhere, it is all around us.. We listen to it in the car, or in the background of office, the stores where we shop, in the elevators , during the commercial breaks of our favorite television show, and many more places we go. With the large amount of music that surrounds us daily, no wonder that companies use it as a median to advertise their services and products to us. “Advertising is the means by which one party attempts to convince or entice another into purchasing a particular product or service (Huron).”

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There are different types of advertising music to the audiences. This research particularly studies “jingles” and “commercial songs and their effectiveness on brand recall. A jingle is a tune or a short song with repetitive words used in advertising and for other commercial uses. Jingles are a form of sound branding. Commercial music is any music genre that is into the mainstream music industry.

Music plays an important role to entertain the audiences; good music can make an advertisement more lively and attractive and directly making it an effective piece of a commercial. (David Huron, 1989). This research adds value to David’s research by showing the importance of which kind of music leaves an impact on audiences and helps in “brand recognition.”

For this thesis, I have conducted qualitative research technique were I have taken an intensive interview of the audiences lying in different age groups. This research is a comparative study of the effectiveness of jingles and the effectiveness of commercial songs in advertising and its impact on the audiences. “Brand recognition” This research also examines how which music (commercial songs or jingles), affects the process of brand attitude formation.


Importance of music

Music is all around us. It is a constant in our lives. For majority people, music is an important factor of everyday life. Although people are unique in their own way, music has the capability to connect every person and has power to make us feel connected. Similar to smell, music can trigger memory.Just the other day my friend said whenever he heard the song “har ek friend” , all he could think of was the Airtel commercial.

What Is Music in Advertisements?

Music is frequently used by marketers to shape consumer experience. If you think of all the commercials you have watched in your lifetime, are there any that have stuck to your mind, that you really like or dislike? Now try to remember the music of these ads. Was there new song playing or an old song? You recall it right?,this is how music is an essential part of advertisements.

Adverts strive to reach as many potential buyers as possible; to help do this they can require a universal instrument for attraction, such as music, which is often referred to as the universal language.

Music boasts a number of specific characteristics that make it a powerful multi-scope tool for advertising. Music appears persistently in electronic media commercials and what distinguishes it from music played at concerts and other entertainment events is the fact that music in ads is simply a means of trade, not a product.

Why Selecting Right Music in Advertisements Is Necessary?

Music is crucial in advertising, but the selection of appropriate music is more important. Marketers need to understand their message and select music that conveys the same or similar message. A song relating to heartbreak in an advertisement for Dominos would not be an approriate selection and would rather confuse the targeted audience. Make sure that the rhythm of the song and the advertisement are in sync. Music in advertising has a great impact on the viewers. The right connection between song, target group and product can boost sales and the popularity of the advertised product.

Sonos teamed with Apple Music and neuroscientist Daniel Livitin to find out just how important music is in people’s lives. They found that couples that listen to music spend three more hours together at home when music is playing versus those who do not. This is such a crucial factor for brands and how they impact their advertising and branding. So, let the consumer feel your ad and not just see it.

The targeting aspect of music in advertisements is that advertisers have to find a jingle or a commercial song that fits with the targeted consumer. This is based on what kind of music different age group likes and what is appropriate to play in advertisements. This requires the research that advertising team/company must consider very seriously. For instance, there is a music which children love in a toy commercial and there should even be music which perfectly fits the commercial for retirement homes.

Evolution of Music in Advertising

Music and advertising have maintained an intrinsically mutual relationship. From classic, black and white TV ads to our modern, HD ads, commercials have constantly used music to create brand awarness . Though big brands are known for their products and services, in actuality, it’s the experience they create that actually builds loyal consumers and brand advocates. And what better way to heighten a brand’s experience than to incorporate music.

Music in advertising has evolved worldwide from instrumentals to jingles of recent to the trendy sounds or song by famous bands or artists of these days, this keeps on changing from country to country to ads to ads. Studies have systematically incontestable that the addition of music will take a tiresome ad spot from uninteresting to unforgettable , such is that the power of music.

Music has become a very important a part of the selling tool’s scope. With the exacerbating usage of mass media for advertisements the mean of act with the shoppers, commercial songs and jingles can't be neglected. Music will serve the promotional goals in one or a lot of of many capacities. Below i have explained two main sub branches of music in advertising, jingle and commercial songs!

What Is Jingle?

A jingle is a tune or a short song with repetitive words used in advertising.Jingles are a form of sound branding. A jingle contains one or more hooks and meaning that explicitly promote the product or service being advertised, usually through the use of one or more advertising slogans.. Many jingles are also created using part of popular songs, in which lyrics are modified to appropriately advertise the product or service. In most cases they are no longer than 50 seconds

The classic 'jingle' is that the commonest or oldest musical technique for aiding memorability and thus product recall. a number of the most important merchandise and corporations within the world area unit in not simply because of client satisfaction, however as a result of customers sort of a explicit jingle in a poster. a decent jingle catches the customer's attention and creates him (or her) consider a couple of product; a nasty jingle would possibly make a corporation noted for the incorrect reasons, or deter individuals from viewing a precise complete.

What Is a Commercial Song?

Commercial music is any music genre that is into the mainstream music industry. songs by famous artists, bands or songs from famous movies are used by marketers in advertising to create brand image and increase brand recognition.

Looking at the current advertising industry Commercial songs used in advertising are not only limited to mainstream music industry but some companies even tend to make, record and launch their own music for brand building and brand recognition. When commercial music is used in advertising for entertainment purposes it makes the advertisement more appealing to its targeted audience. Commercial songs or music used in advertising generally longer in size as compared to the jingles. They are more than 30 seconds and changes depending on the size of commercial songs used or made. There are many examples of songs which became more famous after it was used in a particular advertisement. There are even examples of songs which were made for advertisements and are more famous than mainstream industry music.Use of commercial songs in advertisements are not only beneficial for the companies to create brand image but it even makes the artist behind the music more famous and popular .

Literature Review:

  1. Songs help marketers connect with their customers on an emotional level, which can lead to purchase, and different types of music can elicit different audience responses, according to “I Second That Emotion: The Emotive Power of Music in Advertising,” a study published by New York-based Nielsen Holdings N.V. in July 2015. In the study, commercials with some form of music performed better across four metrics—creativity, empathy, emotive power and information power—than those that didn’t have music.
  2. Music plays an important role to entertain the audiences; a good music can make an advertisement more lively and attractive and directly making it an effective piece of commercial. Good advertisements served to engage listeners' attention and render the advertisement less of an unwanted intrusion, the most straightforward way of achieving this is to create an appeal which is entertaining. (David Huron, 1989).
  3. The use of commercial songs and jingles in marketing has proven to be of important. It helps to create brands image and it also helps to make it memorable for the consumers. not all kinds of jingles lead to better memorability of the product. The study shows that women are more sensitive to jingles associated with products or brands designed for women and the same is with the men and jingles promoting “men” products or brands. The preference of a certain type of music does not show to have an impact on the capacity of identifying jingles nor slogans.

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