Effects of Climate Change on Ocean Life

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Climate change has been a major issue to people and to the oceans. Heat is going to the ocean which is making unbearable water temperatures for the underwater sea life as well as the glaciers. We have known before that the fish population is declining due to the warm water. “The oceans are sending us so many warning signals that we need to get emissions under control,” said Hans-Otto Pörtner, a marine biologist at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany and a lead author of the report. Hans-Otto Pörtner is saying that we need to do something about climate change and if not something is going to happen that we can not control. Hotter temperatures and the sea levels rising is mixing together which is causing the hurricanes to happen such as Hurricane Harvey. The ocean is helping us much more than it needs. The things that give out carbon dioxide such as cars and power plants is getting trapped. What the ocean is doing is it is trapping 90 percent of carbon dioxide and lowering the heat. If we didn’t have anything to do that heat could take over the land faster. Even though the ocean is doing that, the ocean itself is picking up a large amount of heat.

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The main causes of climate change is power plants, factories and cars. These main problems need to cut down and lower the amount of energy they use for the safety of the humans on the planet. People die from the energy related combustion other than other causes. The owner plants are causing more harm than more good. The worst thing is that they are still adding more power plants to the earth rather than taking them out. With cars because of the emissions 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other gases. Cars and trucks are using electricity as fuel which is producing fewer emissions. Electricity ran cars are helping a lot with the carbon dioxide that is getting put into the air.

 As far as the factories they are causing the most harm to our air. They are using dangerous supplies and chemicals, throwing them into the earth. Such as air pollution the smoke that is getting thrown into the air from the factories has always been known to be bad for us, but it is affecting us worse than we thought. Because of the climate change in the air it goes down to the water and it’s just getting worse and worse by the minute. Some changes in the ocean and effects of climate change on ocean life can be and affect but we won’t even know it. The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are slowly melting away day by day land causing them to be gone. The ocean sea levels are getting higher and flooding is starting to occur. People depend on the water supply of glaciers but they are melting away which means there is fewer water supply.

The community who live on the coastline is getting the worst out of warmer waters. Fish are dieing because they can handle the heat of the water so the people who eat fish mostly the supply is going down because of less fish in the ocean. “That’s a good example of how changes in the ocean can affect even people who live far from the coasts,” said Sherilee Harper, a public health expert at the University of Alberta and an author on the report. What Sherilee Harper is saying is that people who love further away from the coastline are as affected by it then other so they aren’t as worried about it. Some people won’t notice how much of an issue it is until they actually see the fish on top of the ocean and the seafood supply completely vanishes from bait shops and restaurants.  

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