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Effects Of Failure On Students

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“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.’ — Paulo Coelho. Student failure: is a process where a student slides farther and further behind his colleagues, and progressively goes away from the educational system. So what result from failure on a student? The final consequence of unsuccessful academic life is dropping out before finishing the study or finishing it with a low grade. Falling marks typically are results of emotional and psychological problems or recruitment difficulties. These effects can have life long results, and it’s in most cases unchangeable, and nothing can be done to face these effects.

Problems with Finding a Job

One important effect of being a failure student is the difficulty in getting an appropriate job opportunity. A suitable job opportunity comprises an acceptable salary and work-hours, and good perks and working environment. So for failure students, they will not get a suitable one because most of the companies worldwide will give the failure student lower salary and fewer perks than the student whose grades were high. For example, In Canadian, companies, they rarely give residence recompense for a student whose grade point average (GPA) was less than 2.5 out of 4. Another example, in some large companies such as Life pharmacy in UAE, they prefer successful alumni rather than the failure alumni by enforcing on the applied candidates for a job whose grades were less than the acceptable grade a two-month training giving no salary. So finding an appropriate job will not pass smoothly.

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Psychological Impact

Another important effect of failure on students is the psychological effects, they will face. Failure students who get lower grades in their academic life compared to their classmates will have some feeling of inferiority, and depression. And what enhances this feeling is that most universities and schools worldwide provide excellence for high grades students such as scholarships, and an opportunity to take part in many clubs and exhibitions, rather than focus on failure students to improve their skills and this result in making them feel that they are less importance and efficiency compared to their classmates. Another important psychological consequence is the fear of failure which lets all the dreams seem to be impossible to achieve, so they remain in the same position with no improvement in their life or their skills. So failure on students can have a lifelong effect and let them think they will fail in all aspects of life, not just the academic one.


To summarize, failure on students has two main negative effects on their life: recruitment difficulties so hard making a family, and the psychological effect which causes them to feel of inferiority and fear of failure. So the most important thing to face these effects is to raise the awareness of the educational places worldwide and try to help them improve their academic life experience. This will let them change their life-style to adapt with their classmates.


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