Effects Of IT On The Economy , Environment, Social Behaviour

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IT have many effects upon business. IT is defined as the sum about knowledge about the means and methods about producing goods and services.IT change has effects on the economy , environment, high level about unemployment, exhaustion about natural resources.

IT effects in society

IT has improved our lives. Online recruitment uses the power about the internet to match people to jobs that will save time, effort and money. The IT industry employs millions about people worldwide.

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IT effects on environment

IT has some positive effects on environment such as reduction in consumption about paper, uses about writing and printing inks and also has negative effects such as every single requires about 1.8 tones about chemicals, fossil fuels and water for its manufacture. Emission about about 0.1tonne about carbon dioxide in a year which causes environment pollution.

IT effects on social behavior

The results about a meta analysis about positive effects about television on social behavior indicate clearly that prosaically content about entertainment IT does have positive effects. Children exposed to prosaically content have more positive social interactions, show more altruistic behavior and self-control, and have less stereotyped views about others. The strongest effects about prosocial content were found for measures about altruism.

Countries development with the help about IT

Most about the European countries, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan are no doubt developed nations based on IT. such as nanoIT, these countries use this type about IT to create big difference between the rich and poor countries. Countries consequently vary on IT.

What is NanoIT

NanoIT plays key roles in science and IT. There are several types about NanoIT:

  • Nano materials is the particle about 0-dimensions is generally referred as Nano particles whose size less than equal to 100nm. These materials are used for a variety about manufacturing process, product including paints, insulation , lubricant, catalyst etc.
  • Nano electronics the small size about nanoparticles give unusual structure and optical properties with applications in catalysis, electro-optical devices and medical etc.
  • Molecular NanoIT is the ability to manufacture objects to precise atomic specification NanoIT has made the biggest impact and it has revolutionized manufacturing, energy, communication, building and construction, healthcare, food industry, transportation, defense, and water IT . Green engineering may be considered as an aboutfshoot about nanoIT, although it is new and distinct discipline on its own. It involves design, commercialization and use about processed and products that are clean, feasible and economical and minimize generation about pollution to keep the environment clean.


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