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Effects of missing an appointment

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I am writing this essay by means of a plan of action because I managed to miss an arranged appointment. Missing a scheduled appointment may well appear comparable to a rather minute transgression, nonetheless is a major transgression. If you contemplate about the missing appointment and trace it back far enough it has an undesirable impact on all parties involved. It affects the army in its entirety. It affects the government military readiness as a whole, tax dollars spent frivolously, every American citizen that could have benefited from the money spent as a whole, even if they don’t know it or feel an impact from it on some level.

Irrespective of a reason, not presentation myself for a scheduled time is a great impertinence to all the people that might have benefited from the scheduled time. Missing an appointment punishes others that may have gained from that time slot.

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There are many solutions for not missing an appointment, and by following these steps to prevent myself, a solider of the United States Military from missing an appointment and give the individuals who are involved in the scheduling and performing the task of my appointment, common courtesy and respect as DOD civilians, who supports and helps us in silence. People’s time is extremely valuable and by missing an appointment it shows an extreme amount of disrespect.

The main people being affected by my inconsiderate decision were the Periodic Health Assessment doctors, sponsors and other patients, and least of all I. The people who work for you are being thrown under the bus when an appointment is missed. In my case, the people at the Periodic Health Assessment workers, who work tirelessly to provide care for others who are injured mentally, to get them back in fighting shape. By being absent during the allotted time all the preparation and care to make me better was essentially thrown down the drain and money that could have been spent on more deserving patients, who would not have missed their allotted time.

There are many solutions that could have been done to avoid the missed appointment and will be done in the future. Something as easy as putting an alarm in my phone, could have helped me to not miss my appointment.


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