Effects of Modern Technology on People Lives

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Our world is regularly changing and progressing in the universe of science and innovation. Nowadays it appears to be difficult to get away from the nearness of innovation. The vast majority will applaud the numerous technological devices that they use in their regular day to day existences. A significant number of us rely upon it to get us as the day progressed, to carry out our activity, to get around, and to discover certain things. In the most recent decade, a portion of these progressions were hard to adapt to. Later on, these progressions will happen considerably speedier, with less time to get ready. An article in Edudemic says that although there are many benefits of incorporating technology while teaching, such as adding diversity to lessons, increasing student interaction, and to bringing new perspectives and knowledge to the class but there can be a negative side resulting from inappropriate or overuse of technology, and that negative side can have serious and long-term consequences. (DeLoatch, 2015).

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As innovation is assuming a greater part in our lives, our abilities in basic reasoning and examination have declined. We are getting excessively reliant on it. With this adjustment in our way of life, our brain function is also evolving. Our young people are experiencing loss of persistence, multitasking, moment delight, fixation, no willpower to do challenging work, neglecting to accomplish work-life adjusts throughout everyday life. Now a days, if anyone is given any task, he/she at first goes to the internet to find the result without using their own knowledge. A task or assignment to be submitted is due, we take a snap from other’s work through our smartphone and make it as our own work. There is no more justification whether the work done by someone is legit or not. One cannot identify it as it has become so hard to trace between original and photocopy work.

So in my research project, I hope to find whether or not excessive use of technology is destroying the skills and potentials of NSU students, how much damage is it doing to our students, how it is making an impact and how will be the possible outcome of the misuse of technology.


A significant number of us underestimate technology, whipping out a tablet to compose a fast email or hauling out a cell phone to look into driving headings. Indeed, even in the classroom, technology is increasingly normal: numerous rooms have LED projectors and report cameras, and an expanding number of schools give educators the choice of a SMART Board or individual understudy gadgets. With the push to get PCs in the classroom, it’s savvy to stop for a minute and survey the impacts of this technology. There are unquestionably drawbacks, for example, conceivably shorter capacities to focus and an immense ascent in digital harassing. Then again, in the event that we take a gander at the scholastic domain, understudies are making noteworthy picks up because of PCs and cell phones. The accompanying are a portion of the key points of interest innovation bestows to 21st century students.

We usually have an inclination to say that usage of technology has disadvantages more than advantages; but actually it would be much more constructive and enlighten to examine with good programs how technology/internet has made a positive impact on students. Soffar (2018) reported that “technology is very necessary in our life as it has improved the transportation, mechanized the agriculture, improved the communication and education and learning process but it should be kept in control. If we lose control, then it’s going to affect our lives very badly” (p.48). Another study showed that utilizing the technology to encourage student learning has accompanied numerous positive advantages. Students can pick and pick what mediums they want to learn and expand their examination time. Students have quick access to anything they would prefer comprehend or not to take in more about. They are not anymore exclusively reliant on educators, guardians or other taught individuals to be their solitary wellspring of data. They are responsible for their own particular learning and technology has made everything fair from numerous point of view.

“We’re currently challenging the paradigm that all seven-year-olds are exactly the same and should be exposed to the same content,” said Brian Greenberg, CEO of Silicon Schools, in an interview with Business Insider. “We’re starting to question what’s right for this seven-year-old versus what’s right for that seven-year-old.” Bernard, Z (2017, May) claimed that with 2018 just around the corner, technology is already sweeping through classrooms as educators and developers create more and more products designed to enhance education. New technologies like AI, machine learning, and educational software aren’t just changing the field for students, they’re shaking up the role of educators, creating philosophical shifts in approaches to teaching, and remodeling the classroom. With an influx of new learning models available, traditional educational methods are bound to evolve in the next decade. Every student learns differently, and technology allows educators to accommodate unique learning styles on a case-by-case basis.

Keeping all the aspects in mind, Inder (2014) wrote that about a detailed description that due to excessive use of online chatting and shortcuts, the writing skills of today’s young generation has declined drastically. These days’ children rely more and more on digital communication without improving their writing skills. Students even forget the common spelling because in the age of communication, there is auto-correct to correct them so they are quite reluctant about their knowledge

Finally, in my opinion, I think everything has a good side as well as the bad side. It’s up to each individual how they sees it and how they take it at the end of the day. As long as there is good things to happen, there will be a chance to happen something bad as well. Technology has given us so much more than we have ever imagined and it’s constantly changing and taking us above and beyond. It is up to each student how they use it. A piece of technology can give him/her the weapon to reach the top of the world and at the same time, one can destroy one’s time and life with it.

Research Questions

Technology has the ability to enhance relationships between teachers and students. When teachers effectively integrate technology into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of adviser, content expert, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. For this reason, I decided to thoroughly investigate aspects of modern technology for NSU students. Some of my questions include:

  1. Why excessive use of technology is bad for NSU students?
  2. How is too much usage of technology hampering our brain function as a student?
  3. How is technology destroying our young generation’s intellectual capacity?
  4. What will be the negative impacts of excessive use of technology in the working generations and how it will affect the overall economy of our country?
  5. How the NSU students are using technology as a material of education?
  6. Why are the students of NSU so much dependent on technological devices?
  7. What will be the possible outcome of the misuse of technology?


Advancement in innovation and technology have empowered people to do things that were already unbelievable and it has positively made numerous things simpler than they were previously. It is presumably that technology attacks relatively every part of our life now, from how we convey, to how we unwind and learn. While certain advances are by and large viewed as positive, there is an issue of whether we are presently totally reliant on modern technology, and do we have the capacity to by without using it. There is stress that being excessively dependent on devices could totally change society as we probably are unaware it, and that it might be past the point where it is possible to prevent this from happening. In my exploration, I hope to discover how our potential and capacities are diminishing due to over utilization of technology. I will attempt to discover how our abilities, skills, potentials, concentration, basic reasoning are going down. I trust individuals will concur with me that unreasonable utilization of innovation is truly lessening our potentials and abilities and it ought to be controlled.

Research Methodology

The primary research was carried out on a target group from North South University. A survey questionnaire containing an assortment of questions and scenario related to the research theme was given to them. The questionnaire contained of two parts; personal information and questions related to effects of modern technology. The first part consists of Name, Year of Semester and Age. The second part concentrates on the questions related to the research. Most of them are multiple choice questions with a single open ended question at the end. The survey was carried out on 40 random students presented in NSU on 30th of July 2018 between 10:00 pm to 5:00pm. All the questionnaires were returned completed.

For my secondary research, I collected information from various sources such as libraries and the web. Most of my primary research is based on the web. For looking up information on the internet, I used standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. and also large reference sites and books. I have also seeked help from various chapters of Eng105 textbook assigned for Eng105 course.

Data Presentation & Analysis

The fundamental target of my research is to discover the impacts of modern technology and how finished reliance on internet is decreasing our capacities and possibilities.

Among 40 respondents, there are 92% senior students, 5% junior students and 2.5% freshman. Respondents aging from 17-21 years are 5%, 80% from 22-24 years of age and 15% from age 25-30 years. Most important question was whether they like technology or not, all 40 respondents were in favor.

I asked the respondents if they use internet and technology for homework and assignment. About 82.5% said yes, 12.5% said maybe and only few percentage declined using it for educational purposes. Thus it clearly indicates that not only the teachers but also internet plays a key role in helping our students achieve their goals. If a student is unclear about some topic/lesson, then he/she don’t bother going to the teachers for help, they seek help from this new generation of YouTube tutorial which comes in handy.

I asked the students of engineering department how they solve problems given in lab. Surprisingly I got 70% stating that they seek help from the internet without any second thoughts that means they are entirely dependent on the use of technology for a given task. Only 15% selected the answer where they seek help from their friends and around 10-12% responded about solving it themselves doing some research. That means majority of people use internet to solve problems without hesitating to use their own abilities and potentials nor ask the instructor for any sorts of help.

I asked the respondents, if they missed a deadline and how they complete the task if the deadline is extended. 29.3% said they try to solve the problem first then they seek help from internet, 58.3% asks their friends to send a picture of the solution without giving it a try. Now this should be mentioned in bold that our young generation are prone to fast- effortless solutions rather than trying to learn/achieve something through hardship and patience.

I asked an important question to the respondents whether they are aware that excessive use of technology is hampering our abilities and capabilities. 60% said that it depends on how people use it.

27.5% agreed saying that yes they agree and only 12.5% respondents said no.

This is a clear indication that even though they are aware of the misuse of technology but still they are reluctant about it. Our students are losing focus due to this excessive usage of technology. Everyone is chained to their phones.

Finally I asked the respondents whether they think if using technology/internet is healthy for their study. 68% said yes it’s fruitful to use internet and take help because of the availability and accessibility of enormous information. 18% said they prefer an instructor/book more over internet and 13% were uncertain about the fact. Now this response clearly paints an image where our future generations won’t feel the urge to buy or seek help from an instructor due to the availability of everything on the internet.


In the wake of directing the overview and getting the survey outcomes, I can without a doubt say that over reliance on technology is extremely hurtful for young people and teens.82% of my respondents concur that they depend on internet/technology for doing regular home works and assignments, 70% of them prefer internet tutorials over teacher’s lecture, 24% has a tendency to copy paste assignments from internet or friends via various social medias, 55% concurred that they feel it’s a good idea to seek help from internet than any other medium. This is the means by which over reliance on technology is constraining their capacities. They are getting languid. Technology influences young people’s and youth’s wellbeing, training, conduct, security. Youngsters are as yet attempting to find their identity and make a personality for themselves. Likewise, things, for example, medication and liquor utilize and manhandle are depicted as “cool” online. Though the numbers aren’t genuine clear, it is realized that an ever increasing number of adolescents and young people are transmitting sexually express recordings and pictures of themselves utilizing the web or web based life. Much of the time, these adolescents wind up being accused of tyke erotica which tails them whatever remains of their lives. As per my research, numerous youngsters spend a normal of 21 hours in the web every week. This prompts kids and youngsters getting to be overweight or fat which prompts more genuine medical issues not far off.

From my research I’ve discovered that 58.8% individuals surmise that an excessive amount of reliance on technology is a hindrance for sprouting our shrouded talent, 40% concurred that their multitasking rate goes high when you uncover excessively in technology, 36% of them require distinctive individuals’ supposition from online to settle on a choice. In my research, I’ve seen students reasoning propensities change significantly: if data isn’t quickly accessible by means of a Google seek, understudies are frequently frustrated. Obviously what a Google look gives isn’t the best, smartest or most precise answer. So obviously the web is changing our brains. We’re currently more familiar with perusing short-shape pieces, to tolerating a Wikipedia synopsis, instead of pursuing an entire book. We’re presently thinking less. Once in a while I think my capacity to focus is being snacked away by the web. There’s the outsourcing of memory. Individuals are not remembering. Technology belittle the limit of the human personality. The data coming into the mind from the web is the wrong sort of data. It’s too short, it doesn’t have enough profundity, so there is a subjective misfortune.

Misuse of technology is an exceptionally immense subject. It incorporates numerous mal capacities by users. It is tied in with making terrible utilization of data innovation for individual intrigue or keeping in mind the end goal to make troublesome circumstance for others.

Plagiarism is one perspective. It is going off crafted by other individuals as your own particular without giving any credit to them. Theft is another subject worth reasoning about on the grounds that individuals try and spend parcel of cash to make or make something where other simply make a duplicate of them moment of purchasing the first one. Piracy are fundamentally consideration who break into PC framework and make ill-conceived utilization of them. With the quick advancement in Information Technology, the quantities of hackers are additionally developing. It is exceptionally hard to get hold of every one of these issues that is the reason we have some affiliation running, expecting to diminish and stop these worries.

Many people agreed that their concentration level goes down when they use technology more than 2 hours a day. This also proved my hypothesis. Finally, I can say that the hypothesis I made is proven by primary and secondary analysis. So I can conclude that excessive use of technology is really reducing our potentials and capabilities.

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