The Negative Effects of Plagiarism and the Death of Creativity

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The Negative Effects Of Plagiarism and the Death of Creativity

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According to the Cambridge dictionary Plagiarism is the process or practice of using another person’s ideas or work and pretending that it is yours. It is an ever growing problem in schools of the modern world we live, because of all the resources that are ever present to students via an internet. A student anyone may plagiarize unintentionally or intentionally they may be caught or not but the fact remains it will have its effects on the plagiarist. They may be bad or good but in this research we are focusing more on how plagiarism negatively affects an individual.

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Therefore, these negative effects include; It destroys the plagiarist’s reputation both in a student, professional, and Academic life. If the plagiarist is a student will cause them to be expelled, this is because the student has proven or shown that he or she is dishonest and unworthy of their trust and is not creative with his or her work so the university decides to expel them so that they may admit some else with the kind creative it looks for and it’s trying to protect its own reputation. Students with plagiarism allegations will have their entire academic record to be damaged, because it will follow he or she wherever they may go. Professionally, fi the plagiarist/ student where are CEO or manager of company Etc. Their boss where to find out that they had plagiarized once in their life, this leads to them being fired from their jobs or even asked to step down from their current position which in the end ruin’s his or her name. This is when they know it follows them through their entire life or career. In the business word, it may lead to criminal offenses, which are valued as legal repercussions of plagiarism.

This comes in when the plagiarist uses someone else’s work or goods as their own. This leads to the plagiarist to be sued because it’s viewed as a criminal offense which in the end leads to imprisonment. Also leads losses because the plagiarist has to pay monetary restitution if he or she is found guilty of the plagiarism, the business will not be trusted again which in the end leads to loss of customers. This all caused because of one single action “plagiarism” and everything is affected. Coming to the economy of the county, plagiarism leads to the devaluing of the country’s economy. In a way that it devalues someone’s career life where they won’t be taken seriously even though their idea was a nation building idea due to the image that had already been planted in the people’s mind. An image of someone not to be trusted, people will think that the plagiarist's idea already excited so it’s not worthy their time.

Also Plagiarism cause the devaluing of the country in a way that students will be expelled from school, which will lead them not getting the high quality education. This high quality education is requisition of skills that are a supposed to add value to the country's economy, the industries of the country will luck enough skilled labor due to the student failing to get their degrees because they have plagiarized. In the field of Health, Nurses or doctors who plagiarized may lead to a patient's death or put human life at risk only because they don’t know what they are doing. They may write or give false records like prescribing the wrong medicine to patients which may jeopardize the patient’s health. Plagiarism causing unqualified doctors and nurses to graduate which is the worst thing that could ever happen because they will just play with someone’s life because they don’t have the skills that they were supposed to gain during the research they plagiarized in. In someone’s creativity and laziness, plagiarism does not enable the plagiarists to think for themselves.

Meaning that they won’t be as creativity as they should have been, because the person has relied on copying other people’s work. The plagiarists will not use high percentage of their thinking capacity come up with something creativity. Plagiarism becomes a habit to them, making them to never satisfied with his or her genuine work. As this continues, it results into laziness. They will continue doing it even though they know that it’s wrong, also they will never work hard because they know that they are going to plagiarism which ends up to laziness. Plagiarism is an improper action that may turn into a behaviour whether it had been done intentionally or unintentionally. The fact remains it will always have a negative effect on the person who had plagiarised.

The effects may not visible or may not take a short time to be recognised, they are still affects. This is why education institutions should be more strict with students who plagiarise on their work. Students should also take the necessary measures to make sure that they work is not plagiarised before the submission to the work.

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