Effects of Technology: How Technology Affects Our Life

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Technology, the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environmen. So how technology affect our life?

Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology, it is basically everywhere. Almost every part of our daily lives has been affected or converted by digital technology. When we are traveling, at our homes, in shopping, in medicine and our digital devices are just a few parts of many that have changed in recent years.

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Digital technology means that devices can be more compact, faster, lighter, and more versatile. With the use of digital technology, we can connect with our friends and family, with the electronic devices, very quickly being near or far from us. In addition, we can communicate globally and not just through text, but through videos, music and other social media.

Modern ways of communication have replaced the simplest of tasks. People nowadays are more depending on technology to do works daily, in an easier way. The group of ages that are the most interconnected with technology is the teenagers, for them there is no life without internet.

Consequently, people are becoming more depend on technology. Digital technologies have already transformed our world, for better way, meaning that there are always some advantages about electronic devices that we use every day in our lives.

Expanded Learning Opportunities- Digital learning is extending learning opportunities worldwide. Access to full and part-time online learning means that every student, state policy permitting, has access to many world languages, college preparatory curriculum, and advanced studies. For example, digital learning makes it easier for the user to learn more than one language, using their electronic devices anywhere.

GPS and Mapping- To find the way back, it used to involve the reference to a paper map. These days, GPS services can pinpoint your position accurately, update you on traffic jams and road closures in real time, and provide you with lots of up-to-date information, such as time of arrival at your destination, as well as alternative routes[footnoteRef:5]. So, it makes our life easier and simpler when we want to visit or to know an unknown place. 

Entertainment- The entire entertainment industry and the way that people amuse themselves has been radically transformed. Many people get their fun from online social media or playing computer games[footnoteRef:6]. This can also keep us in good moods, healthy thoughts and entertained. 

Smaller Sized Devices- Another advantage of the technology is there are small appliances. The phones we carry are minicomputers, for example, capable of surfing the Internet, making calculations using the calculator, capturing photos and playing audio and videos, providing games for our enjoyment, and among other functions. Smaller devices generally mean more portability and less space taken up in living rooms.

Basically, there is positives arguments about technology in our life, for example, since it can be in a small size means that it is more movability and occupies less space (on a table or in ours bags). A small box that can store a lot of things there, for example, our photos, videos and if we are bored, we can always download games for fun. We can search about places that we don’t know faster and have the opportunity to go and visit that place.

With some advantages that I gave before, digital technologies can also affect our lives in a worse way. So, digital technologies also have its disadvantages.

Data Security- With digital technology, large amounts of data can be collected and stored. It can be private information about individuals or organizations. It can be very difficult to keep this data safe. Only a single breach can mean a large amount of private information in the hands of criminals, terrorists, foreign enemies or other evil entities.

Crime and Terrorism- Everybody can access the internet easier even the bad people. Some terrorists use the social media to promote themselves and encourage others, drug dealers using the dark web to trade, and authoritarian regimes attempting to sway or distort elections in democratic countries.

Addiction- Social media, computer games, messaging, and dating websites can all be addictive. Games want you to play so that you will buy the next version. Websites want you to interact so that they can bring in advertising money. Users end up wasting vast amounts of time and hemorrhaging money for low return. Once you start doing it, and then you start to like it, you will want more and more. 

Obesity- Technologies such as the use of smart phones, laptops and smart TVs have slowed children. You can see that most children prefer to sit and enjoy their favorite games or movies more than playing any physical game. Virtual games are of great interest to young people, but do not involve weight loss, which represents a major threat to the health of these children. This consequence mostly happens to children. 

Everything has its disadvantages. We must be very careful with everything that we are doing in the internet, because our information is been stored somewhere (people can access it easier), and in the future it can return against us without we notice and it also shows serious health problems. Nowadays, people are deprived of sleep, since taking your eyes off the screens of your phone, laptop and televisions becomes an almost impossible mission. This causes to vision problems, cancer, obesity, etc. With that we are becoming lazier. We prefer to be seated, play or listen to music instead of walking or going outdoors or doing any work that involves physical activity

People still think that the internet will always be there: ON, summiting our needs in a rapidly unstable digital world. However, it appears in stark contrast to this idea. They reflect the belief that, for future generations to continue to be able to interact with the digital world, we need to be much more aware of the path we are creating today for tomorrow’s Internet. Is very important to know what we are creating, so that does not destroy our world, including us (as living organisms).

Apart from that, many people are now able to work from home. This facilitates them, so they don’t spend time going to work by any transport and be stuck on the traffic jam. We are living in an era of advanced technology. There is no doubt that, over the years, technology has always been responsible for creating extraordinary and useful resources that put all the information we need at our fingertips. The development of technology has led to many incredible discoveries, but over time it has drastically changed our daily lives. Several extremely developed gadgets, connected to the Internet, have changed the way we communicate with each other, use humor, study, work, shop, play.

In conclusion, Digital Technology is developing every day for our needs and may have its advantages and disadvantages. With the research I did, when doing the individual report, I realized that in the past life was expensive, and everyday tasks was consumed a lot of our time. Nowadays, technology made our lives easier and faster, because of technology we are depending a lot on it and we end up being addicted to it, which is a good and bad characteristic. For me the more technological devices they create or build, the chances of something going wrong for the future is increasing, just to not forget that atmospherics’ pollution is increasing as well.

The relationships with family members are being weakened due to excessive involvement with various devices. Although in some cases, parents use technology to communicate with their children. Technology has facilitated access to education, but it is also weakening people’s memories. Now some people are becoming more afraid of technology in general, because maybe in the future the machines will revolt against humans and that they will dominate the world. Technically robots can very well replace humans and animals, doing their personal activities. Otherwise technology is also helping us with our needs, in a way that it can similarly predicated all living organisms.

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