Egypt Kingdom: Hatshepsut' Life and Death

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One of the ways of understanding the development of Egyptian civilization is learning their kingdom. The kings were considered as divine deities who had full power and demonstration of the unearthly abilities. Moreover, people believed that the kings were represented gods on earth. Egypt had 260 kings who had ruled 1590 years. The kings change each other only after the death of the last one because of Egyptian tradition.

 Egyptians began completely new era when the rulership changed and a new ruler came to the throne. New kings could announce achievements that achieved by the last king, only recreate and rework the same myths by adding new own events. For example, King Pepy the second show off himself as winning Libyan enemies, and the same scene was also attested during the time of King Sahara who lived 2 centuries earlier. These repeated same achievements were ordinary for the manner of Egyptian Kings. The term ‘pharaoh’ was never used to address instantly the Egyptian kings. This name for kings only seems in the duration of the New Kingdom.

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In the superiority of cases, the throne relayed from father to son, becoming something, similar to the monarchy. However, in some situations, the throne could get someone who was close to the king, to whom the king could trust on. For the argument to keep the throne inside the family, kings could get married to their sisters or even with daughters and granddaughters. I will supply one case that proves this situation, which is very supernatural for nowadays people, there was no argument that ‘daughter’, ‘sister’ or ‘wife’ could bear children for the king. 

The idem situation is about Rameses the second who was the third pharaoh, was born in 1303 BCE, by the moment when he had died, he had 100 kids and 9 wives. Ramses the second wedded each girl that he liked, moreover, he wedded a few of his daughters. The relative marriages in the period of pharaohs were rarely. The main advantage was that one royal family had not lost their power for many decades. Unfortunately, it led to serious diseases, which ended with the death of young pharaohs.

The most interesting is that people nowadays due to painting of pharaohs, suppose that kings were slim and high, however, the superiority of scientists claim that they were fat and not enough high as they were presented. The main issue was relative marriages, which gave that consequence.Universal harmony was the main responsibility that pharaohs should keep. To recovery balance and harmony in the land, when is something went wrong the pharaohs used the warfare. 

The rulers had to defend the borders of the region, moreover, pharaohs attacked neighbors to get extra natural resources. Also, the kings had duties, like building temples and monuments display his own achievements. As I recognize that pharaohs denoted that one pyramid had to be built for six months. That was the mission for slaves to build it until that time, regardless of air conditions.

The Egyptians had trust in life after death. They claimed that death did not end their life, they suppose that they could continue to live after death. However, as they thought, not everyone had the chance to transfer to paradise. It occurs because the Egyptians suppose in stuff name ‘ka’ and ‘ba’. When a person died, his heart had to be weighted to determine if he would get access to the afterlife or not. If the heart was light, the ‘ka’ and ‘ba’ were united into ‘ahk’, then he/she would join Osiris in a paradise of the underworld. 

However, if the heart was heavy, the Goddess Ammit (with a crocodile head) would eat it.In my opinion, how they judge people and decided whether he/she could get access to paradise or not, was a little be odd. I cannot understand how the weight of your heart can indicate the good or bad person you are. Nevertheless, as each country has its own beliefs, so we should respect Egyptian belief, whether it was right or wrong.

Originally, only the pharaoh was believed to travel along with Ra, but this evolved to also include other individuals of a highly developed moral character. We can hear the phrase ‘ The king is dead, long live the king’, it means that the body of the pharaoh dies, but continue live in another life and the throne lives on, being transfer from one generation to another.

For the reason of soul’s survival after death the Egyptians preserved pharaoh’s body in their tombs. Their own tombs started to build when the pharaoh had just received the throne. The process of embalming and mummification was involved in funerary ritual. The burial occurred 70 days after death and then that tomb was designated with things that pharaoh love during the live. I also heard, that his favorite wife should be buried with her pharaoh.

Female in ancient Egypt had more rights than any women who lived in another land at that time. They were respected and ,moreover, they started also to rule the country, becoming as female ‘kings’. Only after several time the term ‘queen’ applied to royal females.There were many outstanding queens throughout the history of Egyptian civilization. The most famous were Cleopatra the seventh, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut who are still remember nowadays.

The interesting fact that Hatshepsut had herself depicted as physically male, wearing the fake beard. For my point of view, wearing men’s clothes and even the artificial beard, she wanted to show everyone that she had the same power as the male king had ,and to prove that women could rule the country without any help. Hatshepsut had the reign more than two decades and achieved more than many female pharaohs. After nearly seven years she changed her name from woman’s form Hatshepsut to the male – Hatshepsu. Maybe for that changing her royal name and title are often written with feminine grammatical endings. Hatshepsut disappeared from history by unknown reasons. 

By these days, she considering as the most powerful Queen and also King in the time of Egyptian Civilization. Nefertiti and Cleopatra also took the great place in history of Egypt, however, neither of them did not reach what Hatshepsut managed to do during her reign. Even today due to discoveries making by archaeologist we can get new additional information about pharaoh of Egyptian civilization. Their life was full of mystics and weird events that are excited to reveal. Moreover, the Kingship played a great role in developing of civilization and making the great history of Egypt. 

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