Elderly Care in India: Ageing in India

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 India has one of the largest aged populations in the world. For older people the living arrangements are impacted by a few factors, for example, nearness of inability, gender, financial status and traditions. However, the Indian traditional families are quickly vanishing, even in rural zones families are getting shrink and are not constantly fit for thinking about older relatives. Lately, in urban areas generally wealthy individuals are considering to live in extraordinary apartments specially built for old age people. Lot of construction companies are focusing on integrated housing schemes where elderly peoples can get all the facilities like hospital, bank and other services in their own compound. Especially, in Southern part of India, Kerala and Tamilnadu have 57 percent of old age homes. These states have seen resettlement of youngsters in enormous numbers to Middle Eastern and Gulf nations. They are currently progressively rich however, have nobody to care about them.

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Traditionally, seniority homes were intended for poor people and destitute and consequently for the most part overseen by charities, however as of late, paid facilities have likewise risen to take into account to fulfill the requirements of middle and upper middle class elder people, who can pay for consideration in maturity .

Different situation is seen at the elderly homes as they are looked with a totally changed setting, day by day schedule and assortment of new individuals. This further influences their manner of thinking and conceivably expands the need of building up a feeling of belongingness in the changed setting from family to school. They are less happy with the way in which they handle their issues and public activity . It was identified that there was a 38 percent of Mild Depression among the elderly which might be credited to the adjustment in way of life that they have moved from the family to old age homes and the absence of their family support.

Social researchers report that the older people’s social status bringing down. Progressively, elderly peoples might be seen as burdens because of their dependence. The family’s ability to give quality care to elderly people is diminishing. With modernization of the nation, joint families and older values are being changed by ‘individualism’. In other hand, to shield elderly people from undeserved need in their seniority, the Constitution of India urges the state. An Old Age Pension (OAP) scheme has been acquainted with address the issues of individuals who have no way to help themselves.

To conclude, that elderly people in India are moving to retirement homes not for their own individualism likewise in light of others individualism.

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