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Electric Cars: the Ideal Replacement for Hazardous Gas Cars

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For many years, cars have been the main method of transport for people around the world. During early 20th century cars started to become more accessible for people of all social class but after several years, cars started to become an environmental issue causing a concern about global warming, consequences to human’s health and affecting air, soil, and water because of the wide range of gases that are emitted from the car, that causes pollution. Because of the concerns and risks that cars were causing, electric cars started to become more popular in the 21st century, the majority of electric cars had lead-based batteries that powered the electric car and the purpose of the mass production of electric cars was an idea that was thought as a way to reduce health-damaging urban smog, lower the cost of fuel and have a longer durability before needing to charge the battery of the electric car again.

In addition, the topic of electric cars has started to become a concern for current owners, future owners and anybody who has an interest in electric cars because it has hazards that owners or interested buyers weren’t aware of. “Three researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh suggested that emissions from any type of source like for an example, mining, smelting and recycling, the lead needed for a large fleet of electric vehicles or use of lead-based battery would cause serious threats or potential risk to public health” (Passel). For example, the batteries of the electric car could cause electroshocks, the risk of the electric car to overheat leading to an explosion, and the exposure to low levels of lead can harm the brains of young children, elders, as well as pregnant women’s, reducing intelligence and impairing neurobehavioral development, studies have discovered. Very high severe exposure can cause coma, convulsions, and lead to death (Passel).

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As shown above, to reduce the possibility of these batteries causing electroshocks or the electric car to overheat that could lead to an explosion, Tesla, Ford, Nissan and other electric car makers are installing precautionary devices to prevent or reduce any type of life threats (Belmekki). The history of electric cars is very interesting and unique because it started with the first attempt to store electrical energy made by Alessandro Volta Italy in 1800. Not only but also, Volta was fascinated by the experiments of Luigi Galvani, Professor of Medicine in Bologna, who had observed that a frog’s leg would twitch if he touched a muscle with a copper and the associated nerve with a zinc probe (Westbrook). According to a survey that was made in the UK Half of young people would like to own an electric car, compared with their parents and other family members (Harrabin).

“According to a survey that was made in the UK Half of young people would like to own an electric car – compared with just a quarter of their parents and other family members a survey suggests. Young people seem to be more accepting of the technology than older people” (Harrabin). In addition, the opinions were revealed in a Populus poll of 10,293 drivers. Based on this survey. 85% of people overall in the survey said that there aren’t enough public charging points for EVs. I agree with this opinion because my cousin owns an electric car that’s from the brand Tesla and he always has issues trying to find places were to charge his vehicle, and he thinks that the gas stations should have more than one charging station to avoid any type of wait. 76% said EVs can’t go far enough on a single charge. I also, agree with this statement because usually brands like Samsung or Apple tries every year to create a smartphone that can have longer durability in the area of battery duration to be able to sale more of their products. I have a friend that owns an iPhone and he always tends to not have much battery after he finished going to the gym for two hours. 76% think EVs are too expensive. For instance, I agree with this opinion because I had an interest in buying an electric car because when a new feature that was implemented on the electric car from the brand-named Tesla become very popular and it was called autopilot or self-drive. But when I saw the price of how much it cost to buy an electric car with the autopilot feature, I didn’t think it was worth it anymore because it cost more than a hundred thousands of dollars and I preferred to buy a Mustang or Raw4 that could cost me much less and still have good features implemented on the car. 67% think EVs take too long to charge. As shown above, electric cars have been criticized on articles and by the news by being too expensive, not as safe as other cars, not having many charging points and having to need to charge an electric car for a long period of time and I asked my cousin how long does it usually takes for his electric car to charge and he told it usually takes him 6 to 8 hours depending on how much he used his car by driving around the state of Virginia or around the DMV area where there tends to be a lot of traffic in the morning or the afternoon, or using air conditioner or the heater in his car (Harrabin).

Edmund King stated that: “The range, charging speed and charging point infrastructure are all on the increase. There needs to be a more concerted effort by us all to sell the benefits of electric vehicles.” He also mentioned that “drivers will also need to change their fueling habits with the majority charging their EVs at night (at home) and then at their destinations” (King). The electric car question was stated in the Clean Air Act, which was set because of health standards for ozone exposure. To meet them, California, New York, and Massachusetts they are demanding the introduction of the plan ‘zero emissions vehicles’ by 1998, with 10 percent of all new cars meeting the zero-emissions test by the year of 2003 (Visvikis).

In addition, batteries of electric cars will overcome one hundred percent of any driving desire or need that customer would like to have in the future but there are issues that are needed to be fixed or reduced. For example, risk of explosions, not much charging points, risk of an electric car overheating and not having much battery durability (Infobase). Plug-in hybrid cars are a great Segway because it helps the infrastructure to support electric cars. With a plug-in hybrid, you can recharge or refuel your electric vehicle at your home or anywhere only when you want and not have limitations because the car is a hybrid with great fuel efficiency when not using electric charge. You can also, even drive within the distance of the electric range and seldom ever use by petroleum fuel. No matter what you do, this will dramatically reduce the high demand for petroleum. “And while this is happening, the same battery that only went 40 miles last year will now go 60 miles just one year later. In fact, that cycle will eventually be a number that doesn’t limit someone’s journey into the world, just like anyone who needs to go to the gas station today” (Westbrook). “We’re seeing more of them coming into the used car market, and that’s honestly what most people are looking at,” says Gareth Dunsmore, head of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe (Dunsmore).

Furthermore, in my opinion I agree with the idea of preventing or reducing these types of different hazards that have been mentioned in most of this essay because it would help promote the idea of having electric cars as your main method of transport around Virginia, the DMV are or around the world. I also, like the precautionary devices that will be implemented in the future to avoid any type of hazard or concern and I think it’s a great step in the auto motor world for electric vehicles companies.

Of course, some supporters or interested buyers of electric cars will argue that electric cars might pose hazards but for the moment it’s the best method of transport for everybody and it’s also a way to avoid paying for expensive gas or needing to be concern about emitting toxic gases that could cause pollution. In addition, there still a lot of people who support the idea of avoiding buying electric cars or at least to be informed about these hazards if you have an interest in buying electric cars like for example in this statement ‘We’re talking about very real health hazards,’ said Robert Hahn, an environmental economist at the American Enterprise Institute. ‘This could be the kiss of death for electric vehicles.” In conclusion, people who are current owners or have an interest in being an owner of an electric car should be aware of the hazards that electric vehicles can pose before buying one.


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