Electric Cars Vs Gas Cars Compare and Contrast Difference Toward Safety Cost and Environment

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What is the preference of the people if they want to buy a car, they choose electric car vs gas car ?.Electric and gas vehicle are very important in everybody’s life and plays an important role in the modern civilization whereas, these both are the advancement in development of both these technologies and represent the future. Are electric cars the way of future?”. This is question risen where some people say yes because it helps to save our environment as compare to the cars which run on gas, so if we talk about the similarity and difference in both of cost toward, maintenance and other point is safety and environment protection in both the gas and electric based vehicles. So why Electric Cars are Better vs Gas Cars ? 

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Electricity is also an important for everyone however, time going fast and the demand of vehicles is increasing day-by-day and also give tremendous amount of options for customer in making choice of car which could either run on Gas or Electricity but, it also make some differences and similarities in cost .So, first we talk about similarity, if we talk about the first Similarity between both the Gas and Electric cars is that features and exterior, interior looks are almost similar . In both versions, the automobile companies spend lots of money to provide new additional features and also tries to enhance beauty of interior to their customer, for example Fiat 500 the gas car and Tesla, the electric car provider have same features like front seat heating , leather wrapped steering wheel, a rear-view camera, touch screen and many more features which is quite similar in both cars (Zach 2015 march 30). The second similarity is “safety in both the cars”, In both the gas and electric cars mostly, company invest there money to make cars more strong and safe because the safety is first priority for the customer. “So that is the reason companies are installing strong material, more side door strength, better seat can improve the protection in case of crashes and they also provide intrusion beams on the door structure” (Zart ,2018 April 1). “Last similarity of gas and electric cars is global effect, somehow both the version of car makes little amount of pollution. While electric cars don’t transmit exhaust vapor, they do utilize batteries which can discharge lethal vapor”. “Most power used to control electric vehicles is created from non-economical power sources, which can negatively affect both our well being and the earth” (Bater , 2018 , April 13) so as a result it shows that there are similarities in both the variant of cars in terms of safety ,cost and global effect as a result companies are trying their level best to improve their Quality.

Moving further, with next step we will talk about the differences and also talk about the rising demand of car as it is the basic necessity of the human life, people have different choice and demand towards the car. Some people prefer Gas cars and others electric car, on the basis of differences in between those two options they opt that variant which is ideal for them. So, we talk about the first major difference between both cars is cost, “where the price of electric car is more than the gas car where as, in running of electric car costs less than cars run on gas for example like cost of fuel and mileage.” “In 2018 investigation from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that electric vehicles cost not exactly half as a lot to work as gas-fueled. The normal expense to work an Electric vehicle in the United States is $485 every year, while the normal for a fuel controlled vehicle is $1,117 (earth sage 2018 , November 15). For example. The all-electric Ford Focus starts at $39,200 before $7,500 in government charge credits and state ascribes that can go to two or three thousand. So call it $31K. A standard Focus keeps running in expense from $16,500 to $22,000 (Kanollos 2012 January 10). The second great difference is the cost of insurance in gas and electric cars, where cost of electric car is much higher then the gas car. Electric vehicles are less expensive to keep running on roads than fuel .’ Insuring an electric vehicle, in any case, is costly in light of the fact that it cause higher fix cost when any mishap happen and it is over the top expensive to fix the part in light of the fact that these contain cutting edge part while, its isn’t that costly in the protection in the gas cars’. (Kanollos 2012 January 10). The third difference we talk between both the cars is safety companies do lot of safety test for both cars, where in Electric vehicles need to finish a similar security tests as gas-controlled vehicles, so you can guarantee that they are totally sheltered to work. Truth be told numerous electric vehicles score higher in accident test well being appraisals, “Tesla Model X for example has a perfect score. A generally flowing worry about Electric vehicle wellbeing spins around the potential for flame, however actually, Electric vehicle are far more averse to burst into flames than gas autos. Everything considered, gas vehicles will blast into blazes at the harsh rate of 1 fire every 20 million miles driven. For Electric vehicles, the rate is 1 fire for each 120 million miles driven. That is 80% less in the event that no uncertainty about it’ (Schmidt , 2017 ,September 6) “For example In US, the statistics shows that in 2016 there were 37,461 people killed in 34,436 motor vehicle crashes for an average of 102 deaths per day. Around 90% of those fatalities are in-vehicle casualties. Approximately 17400 gas and diesel cars go up in smoke every year in the United State, according to the national fire protection institution” (Zart , 2018 April 1) . where the difference in both is that electric car has less effect on the global environment. “Since electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, we can anticipate cleaner air when there are progressively electric cars out. Cleaner air implies less malady on the planet, which implies less weight on general wellbeing frameworks, clinics, etc.”. Furthermore, less ozone harming substance outflows will spare the ozone layer and decr1ease our carbon impression. On the off chance that we can’t stop an unnatural weather change, beginning, and Electric vehicle are nothing if not a decent begin.(Schmidt , 2017 September).

Overall, observed that people are using both the gas and electric cars but there are great differences and similarities between the cost, safety and environmental effects between both the cars. Electric cars play an very important role in saving the environment as compare to gas cars and cost of maintenance and running these vehicles is less and you can drive without harming the environment. If we talk about the similarity in both the car is safety, it is the prime key role of every company to provide to their customers .

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