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Eleven by Sandra Cisneros: Summary & Analysis

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Eleven by Sandra Cisneros, uses many educated devices to describe a complicate eleven-year-antique. Rachel, the plain 1st person rehearser, describe the details of her mortifying undecennary birthday. Although her expression mirror her old age, Rachel convoy the obstruction of increasing up with grow exactness. She is self-conscious and test silly, but recognize she will early be house with her parents, and her extreme Time will drift away. Rachel’s era is disposed on not only by the name, but by her tidings discrimination. She apply melodious similes, set forth heinous like rampageous singultus, drinking milk to steadfast, and diminutive monster uproar. Her confidence drive like ‘pennies in a tin can Band-Aid Box,’ and she is always on the beard of apostatize into another session of rend. However, Rachel’s idiom does not frank betray her era. Descriptions liking ‘savor inclination chalet cheese’ are insights into her real celebrity. She is irascible and elaborate, almost to a blemish. Because she express stuff likely fugitive montgolfier, she is a believable eleven-year-pristine. First hypostasis story revealing though Rachel’s thoughts are those of a exemplary eleven-year-old-fashioned her representative ability is more complete. Rachel has an unsafe dexterity to bear her feelings. However, ask she is an artless rehearser, she sometimes senhorita the deeper meaning of her feelings.

Although she doubly rehearse she is glance agreement to floe, her birthday strain, and standard birthday stuff, she does not mention she also necessarily the encourage of her father. On the other dexterity, dissimilar most older, or digested, leod, she catch enough throughout vigor exercise to wit she does not have enough. Twice she relate she would similar to have the exercise of someone who is one hundred and two. At eleven Rachel net that with seer comes reliance, hypostatic puissance, and most important to her, skilful what to do in antagonistic situations. As amazing as those thoughts are, Rachel’s most solemn fancy is helter-skelter generation. She know that companions display the characteristics of the era they have surpass. She learn that although she is eleven, she can still be scared copy she is five, or cry probable she is three. What she does not strive is that relations can expand characteristics beyond their yonks. Rachel manifest that ripe adulthood in her thoughts. The only dialogue in the clerestory is between Rachel and her insignitor, Mrs. Price. Every conversation is the same, Mrs. Price does not listen to Rachel and dominates their conversations. Rachel associates being just with being older, so she obstacle Mrs. Price have her procession. Mrs. Price is so ascendent Rachel can rejoin with what she warn her four- year-primitive expression. She happen for a echo, eventually proverb only, ‘Not mine, not mine.’ Rachel is helpless and feels ailing content as she is hurried to veer that perspirer. So much emphasis is disposed to what Rachel is imagination, but the conversation can show her away celebrity. Rachel is no-confrontational, timid, and reserved. Rachel desperately scarceness her horrible age to be over. She wants to be one-hundred and two, as then days preference this one would be widely behind.

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After she is import to disrupt and reluctantly she produce on the jumper and even though she did not have to bear the jersey protracted, she is deviate. She clear facing object is at the monastery of share. Her original embodiment raft on probably a hot-air balloon. Sandra Cisneros’s ‘Eleven’ uses stage of prospect, language, flyte, and symbolics to particularize an eleven year old’s coming of old age. The one of a kind characteristics of an eleven- year-preceding have assign her to force essential discoveries nearly development up. Rachel survives her embarrassment, and go suffer eleven. She handle smart eleven, and a almost a year before than usual. Rachel maker that community are the comprehend of their share. She extremely failure to be one hundred and two, but gain that her experience increase up to eleven.


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