Elie Wiesel's Night Novel: Losing Faith

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In “Night,’’ Elie Wiesel fights with his faith through the killing process of the Jews, established by the Nazis. Wiesel begins losing belief in God. Multiple times in the night Wiesel tells quotes that show his rage and dissatisfaction with what he sees daily at the concentration camps. In this essay, I will be showing some instances from several quotes on why Eliezer starts losing his religion.

Eliezer is losing his trust in God day and every moment he sees another individual go killed. He does not understand the reason that is occurring and if there is a God, why is he allowing it to occur. “ but I doubted His absolute justice....” ( Wiesel, 53). When Eliezthoughtugh of kids being ditched into the burning he believed in himself. “Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever… Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust...” ( Wiesel, 43). As Eliezer sees those innocent kids get fired, his beliefs about God we're burning out simultaneously. When Eliezer was having a difficult time he worked very hard to save himself and he asked God to help him many times to carry his burden, but God didn’t respond.“ Why should I bless His name? The Eternal, Lord of the Universe, the All-power and Terrible, was silent…” ( Wiesel, 42). When the person got asked, “ Where is God” ( Wiesel, 65)? Somebody responded, “Where He is ? That is where falling here from the gallows” ( Wiesel, 65).

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Eliezer was not the single one to put his belief. Even the most pitches spiritual Jews start to lose their religion. Akiba drummer loses his trust when he does not make this choice. the rabbi of Poland loses his trust. He usually recited this Talmud from the storage, but he states that deity is no longer with them. “ for some, losing their trust in God is similar to missing their purpose to survive. “Without a doubt, it would have been close to impossible to continue with this belief in the conditions that Jews encountered in a concentration camp.

Faith is part of Eliezer's personality and as he begins to lose his trust in God, he also suffers who he is as an individual. We decided to use the character of David, the symbol of religion, in our Study to show are a visible metaphor for Eliezer's others' loss of trust. Eliezer’s way through his phases of faith as the news of his tragedy wares where he's on his conveyed through the path of the character. Eliezer starts with a strong belief and where and where is Down To None similar to how the shows begin within the character, triptriput, and then exit.

In conclusion. As a person of the Holocaust, Eliezer has to assess God in his humanity. He does, then through writing, in which he interviews God and tells us of the responses, or need of responses, that he obtains.~~Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Treblinka are only a couple of those names which provoke nightmares of the destruction. The pain and dying in these and different concentration camps had been higher than any before endured. The destruction created a void in the people of some of those who survived. Eliezer Wiesel cost one of those people. 

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