Differences and Similarities of Elon Musk and Iron Man

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The founder of a highly innovative motor company is not only an extra-ordinary human being but also a very passionate entrepreneur who is concerned with making a world a better place. Elon is ingrained in the idea that human beings are as much creators as their maker; as a result, he has gone ahead to launch three distinct companies, which would significantly impact the lives of future generation and current generation. Elon Musk as an entrepreneur differs significantly with Iron Man, the genetically alter human being. Elon was inspired from childhood to beat the path of entrepreneurship unlike Iron Man who inherited entrepreneurship from his parents. This paper compares and contrasts Elon Musk the giant technology entrepreneur and Iron Man the genetically produced character in the Avengers movie in the context of net worth, profession, and vices.

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Elon Musk depicts similar characteristics of Iron Man, the genetically produced character in the movie. The powers of Iron Man lies in his ability to make extra-ordinary things happen, he has the capacity to make little known company turn into high income generating company in the marketplace. Musk also the depicts the same character of developing little-known companies into giant enterprises in the marketplace. When it comes to net-worth, Iron Man is valued at 12.4 billion dollars while the real Elon Musk is valued at 13.6 billion dollars. The two have their source of wealth being their enterprises and companies they found and develop them into high income generating companies. Iron Man controls weapon companies, which he inherited from his father while Elon Musk runs Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and Solar City (Simmonds, 2).

Both Elon Musk and Iron Man are technology entrepreneurs, whereby, Musk has founded highly innovative companies such as PayPal, recently sold to eBay, Tesla Motors, which focus on manufacturing electric cars, and SpaceX a highly technological company aimed at creating spaceflight technologies to explore other planets such as Mars. Iron on the other hand runs companies which deal in weapon manufacturing aimed at creating weaponry machines to fight crime and wars in the world. Both Musk and Iron Man are extremely wealthy yet, they still have great desire to innovate and invent more products and found companies, which brings real change to the society. The essence of SolarCity founded by Elon Musk is to reduce impacts of ozone layer in the atmosphere from harming both people and animals. The focus on green energy aims at reducing the levels of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere and other greenhouse gases (Techiris 1).

Elon Musk when it comes to vices is cited as being a great consumer of diet coke, which is rumored to contain extra sugar. Iron Man on the other hand, loves fooling around with women and alcohol. These vices have the capacity of interfering with their ingenuous abilities, yet none of them is willing to let go of the vice. Iron Man can easily qualify being as Iron man because he was able to use his mind to escape from prison, where he was trapped (Simmonds, 1). The primary difference between Elon Musk and Iron Man lay in the fact that, Iron Man is fictional while Elon is a real human being impacting the society with his technological revolutions such as Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity. Musk comes across as the real deal compared to Iron Man who technological invention only impresses viewers on the screen and does very little in their real lives. Whereas, some viewers are inspired to start inventing things, their impact is not as influential as that of Elon Musk in the contemporary and future societies.

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