Embarrassing Moments in School Or Public Places


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Our life is not complete without embarrassing experience. Everyone has embarrassment in their life. Even though it’s a big deal in our life. Even we tough for facing weaknesses there’s a time that we can solve them.

My first embarrassing moment or experience when I was on 15 years old when the month of August 2018. When I have a German Mussels, I’m getting collapse, my Father and Mother get panic and nervous they didn’t know what they are doing because our barangay is very far away from the hospital. My Mother called our neighborhood to listen to my pulse rate, and massage my hand that’s why I have my eyesight and get my feel better. But there’s a lot of red spots in my body, and it’s so very itchy. But thanks god that my German Messel went after I apply for my medicines.

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My second embarrassing moment or experience when I was in Grade 9, the month of January 2017. My classmate decides to not going to school because it was new year’s eve. My teacher gets angry at u and talks to us bravely. I’m very got afraid because she says that we report to the guidance office with all of our parents. I was very afraid because ever since that I was studying I didn’t experience to go in the guidance office. We apologized to our teacher because it’s our fault to not attend to our class. We promised that we will not do it again.

My third embarrassing moment or experience is when my Mother and Father are fighting, I thought my family gets broken family. At night when I was slept my Father go home and his very drunk, so my Mother gets angry that’s why they are fighting, shouting, the reason why they disturb our neighbor sleeping. My Sister and Brother didn’t know what happens in our home because they are working in other places. My and My Parents are only living in our home, I didn’t know what I’m doing to stop their conversation. My Mother has decided that they getting separated. But I said to them to stop arguing. We didn’t want to have a broken family. I want to have a complete and happy family. I’m crying at night because I don’t want to lose my happy family.

And this is my fourth embarrassing moment or experience with my friend when the month of May 2019, my all friends decided to have quality time together because all of us were transfer to a different school. We didn’t know that one of my boy’s best friends buy alcohol or in other words, they buy an Emperador and Jamaica. Some of my friends drink and some of them was not drinking. After 3 hours of drinking some of them were dead drunk, so we decide to go home but my girl’s best friend abruptly became emotional at that time she crying, she says all her problems. We sit beside her, we listen to all she says but 2 hours past she can’t finish being emotional. We force her to go home because it’s 6:00 pm, our parents getting angry if we can’t go home before it’s late. Thank god that she convinced me. I learn from my girl best friend that not drinking hardly because it can affect you.

I know that’s not enough of what we called embarrassing experience, but for me, it is a big deal or embarrassing experience.                  

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