Embeth Davidtz: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Actress

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Widely recognised for her roles in such movies as Matilda, Army of Darkness and The Amazing Spider-Man, among numerous other films and TV series, the South African-raised actress Embeth Davidtz is one of Hollywood’s big shots who has left remarkable impacts in the world of entertainment. Although she could not start her acting career quite early, her screen roles which span for about three decades has touched lives in such a remarkable way. Video game lovers will also recognise her voice in the popular game developed by Rockstar North Agent where she voiced as Penny Moffat. Even when others her age fade out, for Davidtz, age is just a number when it comes to doing that which gives you joy. She has remained active on screen and is still willing to give her best in any way possible. Here are five interesting facts you need to know about Embeth Davidtz. Embeth Davidtz is a Bilingual actress Born in Lafayette, Indiana, USA, on August 11, 1965, Davidtz’s full name is Embeth Jean Davidtz.

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She was raised by her father John Davidtz and her mother Jean. She moved with her parents to South Africa when she was nine years old. Their move the Southern African country was spurred by her father’s new teaching job at Potchefstroom University and in order to further her education, little Davidtz had to learn Afrikaans. She then had her college education at The Glen High School in Pretoria before moving to Rhodes University in Grahamstown where she graduated with a degree in British literature. Her Acting Career Venturing into the world of entertainment for Embeth Davidtz, wasn’t by chance but a dream she nursed since she was a child. Davidtz’s first acting role was at the National Theatre Company where she acted as Juliet from the popular Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

While still in South Africa, Davidtz did not only perform in English but in Afrikaans as well. Some of the local plays she performed include A Chain of Voices and Stille Nag (Silent Night). This two plays eventually earned her her very first nomination for a South African award which was equivalent to the popular Tony Award. Embeth Davidtz’s acting career proper when she featured in a South African telemovie titled A Private Life, after which she earned an award for her role in a play Houd-den-bek which was produced in 1990. As if that wasn’t all, she gained a nomination for the 1991 Esther Roos Award as Best Actress in a Supporting role in Afrikaans film. Her Hollywood career began in 1995 with such films as Murder in the First, Merchant Ivory, The Gingerbread Man and Bicentennial Man. In 2002, after appearing in an American drama The Emperor’s Club, Davidtz took a break from acting in 2002 and returned in 2005 to appear in a comedy-drama film Junebug. The bilingual actress has since been featuring in many more films and TV series with films like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo being her latest. Net Worth The Indiana-born actress is successful all round. Having acted for over three decades, Davidtz’s net worth is estimated at $5 million with her best movie role being as Jennifer Honey in the 1996 fantasy comedy movie Matilda. Embeth Davidtz was in 2018, mentioned as the highest paid actress in the world by People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid actresses for 2018. According to the magazine, the star actress has an estimated $82 million. Aside from acting, Davidtz earns much of her money from good stock investments and lucrative endorsement deals with such businesses as CoverGirl cosmetics. She even owns several restaurants like the “Fat Davidtz Burger” chain located in Washinton.

Embeth Davidtz owns a football team known as the Lafayette Angels and not long ago, she launched her brand of Vodka named Pure Wonderdavidtz – US coupled with a highly rated perfume known as “With Love from Embeth”. The fashion line Embeth Davidtz Seduction is also owned by the American actress Family, Husband and Kids image source Davidtz is married to Jason Sloane who happens to be in the entertainment world but not as an actor but as an attorney by profession. The couple got married on June 22, 2002, and together, they have two children one of which is a daughter named Charlotte Emily Sloane. Height Weight, Body Measurement Beautiful daughter of a chemical engineer Davidtz is 5 feet, 8 inches tall with a body weight of 58kg. Her hourglass body is measured 34-24-35 inches. This, of course, blends with her beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair colour.

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