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Emerging Trends In Dentistry - A Quick Step To A Healthier Life

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In recent years, new trends in dentistry have gained momentum, allowing a new level of treatment. With advanced and sophisticated systems it becomes more precise and simpler. Analyzing the “initial state”, profile and an image are part of the standard procedure in planning orthodontic therapy. There is no treatment plan where dental photography is not a useful ally and exceptional help. If a good plan is half the amount of successful therapy then the initial dental photograph is a mandatory part of every serious plan. “The image is worth a thousand words,” where with a couple of good photographs, a patient can gain insights into parts of the retromolar region, upper lateral teeth, and other poorly visible parts of the calf’s mouth.

Dental photography allows the patient to see the problem as seen by a dentist and save the dentists’ explanations for the problem. With good photography and proper focusing and zooming into characteristic places, the patient receives an entire report about his or her condition in a short time and make the right decision to accept the proposed therapy.

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Later, when the digital photo is made, the alternate model is then penetrated and sent to the drawing. Thanks to the CAD / CAM system, the action is unbelievable quick and facilitate the creation of a crown in 20 minutes. This new technology union allows clients to leave the clinic with a totally new tooth in just one visit. This procedure used to last for several days. When it comes to color, size, shape, and position of teeth, it is crucial that the intervention is done so that it can not be seen “per kilometer” that something has changed.

Thanks primarily to technology and the emergence of new materials, such prosthetic reconstructions which when are done well – you can’t distinguish between natural and artificial teeth, even if, for example, one unit is natural and the other is artificial. It is also relevant that in the framework of implantology so many things happen all the time. Instead of metal screws, which were carriers of the crown, they are placed ceramic which is individually made. Thanks to this, the tooth is of the same shape, color, and position as the natural one.

Lasers used in dentistry, completely change the conventional approach. It can be treated today for caries, teeth whitening, and is a big support in the healing of gingivitis and periodontitis. This laser treatment is the perfect response if the client is scared of the dental drill. The childhood trauma from the unpleasant sound is gone. Laser therapies last a short time, preserve the dental tissue and produce a painless healing.

Nowadays, a sophisticated t-scan device is used to regulate the precise bite of patients, instead of the former articulation sheets. With the scan, the device accurately determines where the client bites weaker and where stronger. It gives exact data to the doctor by facilitating the alignment of bites, and as follows the more relevant implementation of the therapy. The bridges, crowns, and scales are prosthetic substitutions which are meeting with an enormous strike today. Namely, they can be finished in just a few minutes, and a new smile is waiting for you on the same day. The unique software allows all dental devices to be connected, providing patients with new chances and opportunities, and helping doctors to be more accurate and quicker.

And, last but not the least, as an emerging trend in dentistry; we can mention the Dentacoin – the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry. A community of young dentists is behind Dentacoin, who care about the long-term welfare of patients and are paid for keeping them healthy. By using its tools, patients become an active part in this Healthcare reconsidering process. Moreover, they can earn Dentacoin tokens for a variety of mutually favorable movements (such as taking surveys, providing feedback, maintaining proper dental care) and cover their treatment within our dentist network spread across 16 countries.


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