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“There is no Frigate like a Book” by Emily Dickinson is a poem about how great books are which is one of the reasons why I picked this poem. The poem was written in one of her letters from 1873, and it’s one of her most known poems. The only hint that we have of the speaker is in the second stanza where it says “To take us lands away” which tells us that the poem is written in first person point of view. In this poem we see how Emily Dickinson uses Figurative speech, theme, and her own unique style to get her message across. 

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Emily Dickinson used simile and metaphoric language to write this poem. In stanza one and two we see how she used simile when she said, “There is no Frigate like a Book, to take us Lands away”. She compares the journey of reading a book to a ship. In the third stanza we see another simile when she compares the pages of a book to a courser. In this line while most people believe she is comparing the pages to a horse I believe she compares them to a map, because map gives us direction. The pages of a book are our direction to get us to where the author wants us to go. In stanza six we see metaphoric language when she uses the idea of a toll. Saying how we don’t have to pay to go on an adventure when reading a book. Every poem and story have its theme and for this poem the theme is books. In this poem we read about the journey a book takes us and how we don’t have to pay to go on that journey. 

There are a lot of time when we want to escape from reality and reading is one of the best ways to escape it. In today’s world we don’t necessarily need to go to a place or experience things to learn about them because we have books that can teach us different things. In this poem we see how great books are because we get to see things in others perspective and go on adventures with our imagination without having to waste hundreds of dollars on transportation and travel necessities. Each author has their own unique style of writing and Emily Dickinson certainly has her unique way of writing. When we read her poems one of the first thing we notice is how she capitalize just about everything even things that aren’t supposed to be capitalized. I also notice how doesn’t use punctuations on her poems which was confusing when I was working on the paraphrase.

 Emily Dickinson poems are short and nice which is something I love about her poem especially this one because it talks about something I love. I think is important to have a unique way of writing because when authors writing style is the same and about similar things they will lose the interest of their readers. Also, if people read books that are similar in their style and story line it will gets predictable and boring. 

Emily Dickinson’s poem “There is no Frigate like a Book” is a poem I recommend to my book club friends because the poem description of what a book does to a reader is accurate. As a reader I know how good it feels to read something that you can relate to. This poem is one of the few poems I like. We read about how Dickinson felt a book does to a reader and it was spot on to me. Her message was clear we don’t need to waste money on trips to travel and have and adventure when we have books.  

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