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Emily Dickinson's I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died

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Writing is not aimed at those who are afraid of exploring the limits of their imagination. It can only be attributed to those open-minded people who are willing enough to break boundaries and expect nothing else than to create a delightful masterpiece of writing. Although writing represents a way of dealing with loneliness for some, it may also represent an escape from monotony for others like Emily Dickinson an American writer who was born in Amherst, Massachusetts and whose family was full of successful lawyers. Undoubtedly her fate was not determined there, she was destined to write wonderful pieces of art to which she called her poems even though while she was alive she could not be acknowledged for them because they were published shortly after she passed away.

Dickinson’s life was neither gracious nor colorful mostly due to the fact that she had to go through strenuous situations with the ones she loved the most, at first she lost her best friend who was also thought to be her first love, Benjamin Franklin, who died of tuberculosis, shortly after she fell in love again, but what she did not expect was that some years after she started dating Charles Wordsworth he would also pass away. She thought she had lost everything in life to which she started questioning her faith towards love and God himself. Even though she was a true believer since she was young, she got to the point where she completely secluded herself from everybody around her, she also decided to dress exclusively in white because it represented passion, intensity, and purity some characteristics that were truly important for her.

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Nonetheless, all those situations did not impede her from writing her marvelous poems, on the contrary, they enabled her to express her restraint emotions. It should be noted that the themes she liked to write about were varied due to all the experiences that had an influence either positive or negative over her life, such as flowers and gardens because she always showed a particular interest towards gardening, master poems that are assumed to be written towards a divinity, morbidity which represented her early and lifelong fascination with illness, dying, and death and at last the gospel poems that represented her religiosity and her endless love towards God. As a matter of fact, due to all this variety in her writing, she was categorized as a Transcendentalist because she did not limit herself to writing about a singular topic.

In spite of being criticized for her peculiar writing style; for instance, the excessive use of dashes in all of her poems or the use of unconventional capitalization in her stanzas, she managed to write poems such as “I heard a fly buzz when I died”, “I’m nobody, who are you?” that without any doubt represented her fascination towards death. She also gathered up the courage to write the poem “There is another sky” which particularly expressed her endless love towards her brother which is constructed in the way of a sonnet, that is to say it is divided into two quatrains and a septet each of which had ten syllables per line and slant rhyme also known as perfect rhyme.

To sum up, Emily Dickinson was a woman that decided to get through her biggest difficulties by immersing herself in writing, she thought that by isolating herself from everybody else she would not just find consolation to what she was suffering but also the strength she was certainly lacking. Even though she wrote countless poems, she decided to keep them as a secret to herself because she was never a person to go after fame. Even if she had the misfortune to suffer all those devastating events she truly knew how to make others revitalize through quotes such as “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.”


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