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The focus is on Emily Grierson who is outrageously strange to normal people qualities, this is why a  Emily Grierson character analysis could go in many different directions. Essentially it becomes tough to study her because of how she Is. While reading the story the way MS Grierson conducts herself isn’t anything normal. All the people from her town had the same thought you did; how did Emily have the strength to sleep next to the corpse of Mr. homer Barron for a long period of time. Although the people in the town knew she was not all together they necessarily “did not say she was crazy. Cleary, she hadn’t seen any professionals for mental problems, but you could tell. There are multiple scenes in the story that shows Emily’s mental state. I think its possible Emily started this behavior as a reaction to the new southern ways. While she was growing up it was clear her mental state was unstable, she wasn’t able to deal with what the majority of people deal with.

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Emily stayed to herself for many years, she left the local town to live in segregation. As we keep reading, we are able to see her detaching away from her regular activities. Around the time when he father died a while ago, we got the chance to see how she actually was for little while. Excluding the big fact that her father was a prime reason as to why she isn’t engaged, and her pride didn’t help at all either. In her mind she had the feeling that she was above everyone else and she didn’t need to waster her time talking to the others within the network. Only if her father didn’t run off every guy who loved her and wanted to marry her, she probably wouldn’t have gone psychotic.

Mr. Homer and Emily were not so different for Mr. homer was an outsider to the town. I feel as if homer was a person who attracted a lot of people to him. To go into detail with that he is the person most people wanted to spend time with or go out with. Because he was from the north and worked during the day, most people looked down on him with uncertainty in the south. The twist in the story is on Sunday when they both are seen together on her Sunday strolls. This is unfortunate as most of the townspeople believed because of her high-class role in society, it looked as if she was bringing herself down. “he liked me, and it was known that he drank with the younger men in the Elks Club-that he was not a marrying man” . As the story goes on you get this feeling that he is probably gay from what the writer illustrates to you. After he finished the work, he had come to the town to do he left to go back home as the townspeople figured he would do. Everyone in the town knew what they had going on was just a fling.

During the story we don’t ever meet Mr. Grierson he still has a huge impact on the story. Because of how much of a control he had on Emily after he passed away that affect still lingered over her. “A controlling parent usually oversteps the boundaries of how much control is reasonable and necessary to help their child turn into a confident and independent adult.” I feel as if he tried to hard to be a parent and by doing that he left a bad vibe on his daughter. He made it his mission to run off any man who wanted to marry her. We never really understand the reason why he chased them all off except they weren’t good for her in his eyes. You get a vivid description of him with the painting over the chimney where he has a whip in his hand. He had such a controlling effect on her life, when he died, she didn’t even believe it for about a week or two.

The house maid Tobe was a person we seen all through the story. He never really talked or said much of anything, hence the reason his voice is rusty. He does what Emily doesn’t which is connect with the world, his does it for her. The townspeople see him every day getting new things for the house, food etc., while it could be years before they see Emily again. “One of the common signs of mental health struggles is noticeable withdrawal from a person’s normal activities”. I don’t understand how the town didn’t see anything wrong when they knew the lady was alive and used to be active, stop coming out of the house for years those raise huge red flags. For a long time, people in the town tried to get him to expose what goes on at the house but he just wouldn’t tell. When the death of Ms. Grierson came around, he wasn’t never seen again after the funeral.

After reading the story you put the pieces together to see that the characters show a dark twisted story. Emily had become a loner and there was no one to put the blame on but her father for the simple fact that he ruined her life. Not only that but her loner ways were passed off to Homer and tobe. The people in the town never put the pieces together that something was seriously wrong with Emily until they see she had been sleeping next to homers dead body for forty years’. 

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