Forms of Emotional Abuse and Their Effects on the Mental Health

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Forms of Emotional Abuse and Their Effects on the Mental Health

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People pride themselves on individuality and self-worthiness, but the most damaging thing to the ideology is being emotionally abused. We shall argue that this form of abuse causes deterioration in individualism, self-worthiness and self-esteem, it erodes the idea of individuality on self-esteem and self-worthiness. Records show the abuse goes on without being detected by either parties. In an instance with two individuals, one an abuser and the other a victim, none is aware of what they're indulging on. Through data we learn that it is not specific to any gender and it can be present in any relationship. Intensity and effects can be loss of ones’ sense in individuality or values. This can lead to emotional hurt and psychological wounds to the abused party. This can be described to be systematic abuse, in such a way that the abuse progresses with time. Chapters below will explain on the ways an individual can tell whether they experience emotional abuse.

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I decided this study can be useful in the community as a whole, because it can unravel ways in which an individual can know whether they are being abused in the relationship. Records prove that in each year lots of cases go undetected and unreported. Information from bureau of statistics show that in the USA alone 14% of the children sampled have reportedly been abused emotionally. From mistakenly that excessive jealousy is a way of expressing emotions to the spouse, but in the end this lead to a dysfunctional relationship.

It is evident that no individual likes mean words directed at them. Constant use of harsh words from a single individual to another is classified as s form of abuse. Take for instance the abuser has been informed by the victimized individual to stop using harsh words during an argument but there is no change forthcoming. An expert is quoted to say that the presence of patterns of verbal mistreatment which compel the individual to be afraid or shameful in a relationship, it is probable that they are in an abusive emotionally

Another common form of abuse is called gas lighting, in this form of abuse the victim is compelled to doubt themselves. The common feature of gas lighting is that it evokes self-doubting feelings in the victims causing them to second guess themselves. In cases where one of the parties apologises even for mistakes not committed then chances are they are in an abusive relationship. Psychologists say that this could go on unless the victim decides to put a stop to the abuse.

Another observed behaviour is the instance where the victim never gets to accomplish their own tasks. Often than not they are dragged to do tasks in the schedule of the abuser. Most of the task that are to be done tend to favour the abuser. It is highly probable that when an individual does every single thing their partners demand, then they are in an abusive relationship. The victim in most cases is manipulated by the abuser through intimidations.

Mental and emotional well-being is crucial for an individual’s growth, when that is taken away then the individual is in a toxic relationship. The duration and intensity of the mental health and social support services needed to treat the victims is limited to time support and resources needed. Many programs that exist for victims of emotional abuse is less than 6 months. Research shows that short term programs designed to change behaviour have the least likely hood to succeed. In conclusion, therefore the most effective method to curb emotional abuse is for individuals to reflect on their relationship and put an end to the behaviour.

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