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My first concert report is on the genre of Regional Mexican (in other words Banda music). This type of music is not something that the listen to because I was never raised listening to it, and I don’t really like that type of music. However, in this class it showed me to expand my horizons on listening to different types of genre, so I thought why not and gave it a shot. Since I didn’t know what type of Banda concert to go see, my friend took me to go see Calibre 50, La Septima Banda, y Banda Carnaval. I thought that only one band was going to be playing so after hearing that it was three bands in one concert, I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect.

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My Choice

Since I wanted to know more about the bands I was going to go see, I decided to do some research on them and get an idea of the type of music they were going to play, since Regional Mexican music sometimes has different types of sounds and beats. Calibre 50 music style is northern Banda that uses electric bass and or a tololoche (an instrument that is like a European double bass) for low notes. La Septima Banda plays different type of music like cumbia, ranchera, narcocorrido (is heard in the U.S and Mexico and it uses danceable, polka, waltz or mazurka rhythmic base) and of course Banda. Lastly Banda Carnaval plays a lot of heavy cumbia and romantic music.

As I got to the venue where the concert was being held, I could see people dressed up and wearing cowboy boots. As my friend and I entered the venue, I saw people all around me excited, from whistling to the Mexican grito (yell) and I also saw people waiting line to buy beer. As we got to our seats, there was a DJ playing music to keep people entertained before the concert started. Once the lights went out everyone started cheering because they knew the show is starting and their favorite bands were going to come out and play.

Continuation Of a Story

The first band to play was Banda Carnaval, and when they started playing romantic music you could hear the trumpets, drums and this other instrument I dont know the name of combined together made a good sound for it to be played as a romantic song. As the music kept playing, I turned and looked around and I could see people get up from their seats and begin to dance with their partners. La Septima Banda was second to go on stage and when they did the party started. The thing about regional Mexican music is that its instruments allow for the heart to race super-fast and the adrenaline in one’s body to increase. The singers were playing their instruments in ways they don’t usually play in their songs, constantly yelling out the Mexican grito at the top of their lungs, followed by the crowd reciprocating the noises.

Positive Emotions at the Concert

They would pause at some point and would ask the musicos to tap with their boots and dance and put the mic near them so the crowd could get hyped up about it and cheer them on. Some of them take a shot before commencing a heartfelt song and that makes everyone hold up their beer and sing along. Calibre 50 was the last band to go up and they are the most popular one and even sang songs they hadn’t released and covers of one of the crowd’s favorites. They had a good mix between songs that hyped everyone up and songs that made everyone grab their partner and let them know how much they loved them. When the concert ended, I experience different kind emotions like im glad I came to see how people react to this type of genre of music and on the other hand it was like I got this curiosity of my system.

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