Perfect Place to Spend Your Time with Children: Emotions from Visiting Disneyland

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The phrase “Happiest place on earth” automatically sends most people’s minds to the thought of Disneyland. The thought of wearing Mickey Mouse ears, watching fireworks and riding Disney movie themed rides makes it a place that kids not only desire, but a place that adults desire also. Disneyland guarantees that both kids and adults can find happiness when visiting which is appealing to those who vacation with family. The belief that one place can make a whole family happy is what attracts people to this amusement park. Disney parks bring such a broad spectrum of people to come to one place and share the same interests and values while bringing family fun and entertainment.

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On Average Disneyland attracts 44,000 people a day(Sim). Disneyland is just one of eleven Disney parks worldwide, this makes it easy for everyone in different parts of the world to visit. Disney fills its amusement parks every day, but the question is why? Disney parks base their attractions and products on Disney movies for example, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Goofy, and many more. Disney movies first made their debut in 1937 with the creation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs creating the first of many values Disney movies. Disney movies depict innocence, laughter, honesty, and adventures upon many more different emotions and feelings. From the early 1900’s to today’s modern day, families have been watching Disney movies almost like a family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. From boys pretending to be a wizard like mickey and girls pretending to be princesses like Cinderella, Disney movies bring joy to children; along with Disney movies, Disney products also make playing pretend physically possible.

Disney products play a big role in attracting consumers to the amusement parks. Little girls put on ball gown dresses, heels, and crowns to look and feel just like a Disney princess. Little boys pretend to be bold and daring to be just like the princes who slay dragons and save the princesses. This is possible with kid size Disney character costumes and accessories being made to fulfill children’s fantasies. Disney takes it a step further and makes children’s fantasy’s come true by having “real life” characters from Disney movies available at the parks for kids to meet and greet. Children at a young age still have a sense of belief that Disney characters are real, though adults know they are not, parents don’t hesitate to bring their kids to Disney parks to meet their favorite characters.

Disney parks also make their appearance appealing those who wish to visit. Each park is similar in atmospheres, Disney characters, endless sweets, and endless attractions. The physical features of Disneyland create a luminous environment created with hundreds of lights next to things such as balloons, displays and infamous Disney character pictures. Candy, souvenir, and toy stores are in every section of the theme park. All these physical attributes give children high happy emotions making the experience memorable and positive and a want for more. There are many obvious reasons on why children desire to visit Disney parks, but there are reasons also why adults have the desire to visit also.

A surprising thing about Disney’s paradise for kids is that adults out number children almost four to one(Cahn). Whenever the youngsters suggest going to Disney parks, other family members always seem to join the party (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) Adults who watched Disney movies as children are more than likely to have shown their kids a couple Disney movies also. Even if a child has not seen older Disney movies, there are plenty of modern day Disney movies such as Frozen, Brave, and Wall-E that more of the younger generations have probably seen. Disney makes it easy for parents and children to connect with the many generations of movies. For adults, it is a reminder of our childhood and enjoyments, seeing the same excitement and imagination in their children as it did for them. Disney theme parks also accommodate adults with alcoholic beverages and meals such as steak, lobster, ribs, etc.

For children, Disney allows them to let their imaginations run wild. As mentioned before, Disney products help children express their imagination, they do so much more than that. Girls wear dresses to pretending to be their favorite princess, and boys pretending to be a Jedi from Star Wars. It makes them physically look like their favorite character but it also gives them many opportunities to pretend that they actually are their favorite character, creating new story lines for themselves and endless hours of pretend play. For those too young to know that those characters are people in costume, it releases emotions of happiness and excitement in children, making it the ultimate dream come true.

The diversity that Disney parks bring is what makes them a great place for children to soak in the many different cultures and ethnicities that it brings in. They allow families to show their children the value of family. People of all ages wait in the long lines to enjoy the rides, some even sit next to complete strangers if needed. Hundreds of people visit the park each day all with one thing in common, to enjoy Disney. It shows that Disney park visitors are accepting of one another and can come together to enjoy one place, one reasoning behind this is the broad spectrum of cultures that Disney brings to the table. From Pocahontas who is a native American woman to princess Jasmine who represents the middle east; Disney entails acceptance in different cultures and represents that in their movies teaching kids at a young age of the different cultures.

Though every person who visits Disney parks do not share many things in common, having fun is one common thing people visit Disney for. Disney holds significant meaning to not just people with families but anyone who loves Disney. Families value Disney for the entertainment it brings for both themselves and their children in movies, toys, and amusement parks. Others without kids enjoy Disney related products because they grew up watching Disney movies, and if they are anything like me, they still watch them as adults also. For children, it an ideal place for the ultimate experience of family fun. It brings meaning to the words of having innocent fun. All these different attributes contribute to Disney parks being a great place for anyone to enjoy.æ

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