Emotions on My Graduation Day

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Emotions On My Graduation Day

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  • The Effects of Emotions and Feelings on Our Life
  • My Journey to Graduation
  • Graduation Day and the Feelings I Felt
  • Works Cited

The Effects of Emotions and Feelings on Our Life

Emotions control and effects our life in everything we do, from our thoughts to our actions. Sometimes it’s not easy for us to understand our feeling and emotions, but we can understand easily if someone is happy, nervous, mad, or feeling uncomfortable. whatever we go through, we keep think about that moment and how we felt, whether it was good or bad feelings. I have never ever thought that graduation ceremony could mean something to me. I still remember every second, every moment, every detail, and every heartbeat. I never felt the way I feel on my graduation day, even when I graduated from high school.

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My Journey to Graduation

My dream was to come and study in U. S after I finish my high school. I was so happy when I started at OU, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. When I first started at OU, I was had to take ESL program (English as second language. ) after finishing ESL, I took very heavy classes. It required a lot of reading and writing. I couldn't keep up with everything it was so hard for me because I thought that I was ready, but actually I wasn’t. In 2015, I got dismissed for two semesters from OU and I went back to my country. I was so depressed and sad because I couldn’t achieve nothing and I saw how my parents were disappointment.

After three months, I came back to start a new chapter in my life. I started at OCC and for the first 6 months I was focusing on develop my English. In 2016, I started to take Mental health/social work classes. On May19, 2018, I graduated with my Associate in Applied Science degree in Mental Health/Social Work. Just before two days of my graduation, I got a new acceptances letter from OU and UM-Flint for fall semester 2018.

Graduation Day and the Feelings I Felt

On the graduation day, I woke up at 7: 00am, which is so early for me. I couldn't sleep till 4: 45am. I was so scared, nervous, happy, and exited, mixed emotions all together, I even cried. I was shaking while getting ready and my parents were calling me, but I didn’t answer because I felt alone and they weren't with me. Even though my brothers, cousins, and friends were up early Saturday morning just to share this day with me. I couldn’t stop my tears when I walked into O’rena building for the check-in.

Since they walk us using alphabetical order, I was the first name, which mean the first one who will walk. I went to the bathroom and start crying. I couldn’t understand my feelings, it was mixed. But I couldn’t stop my tears and when they opened the door for us, I felt that my heart dropped in my stomach. We started our march hearing the crowd cheering. I was walking and searching for my family and friends, once I saw them, I smiled finally with my tears of joy. I had so many mixed emotions when I walked across the stage. I was so proud when they called my name and I hear my family cheering for me. I was so happy and excited and never being proud of myself as much as that moment. but in the same time, I felt I'm alone and sad without my parents. Every time I remember that day, I can't stop my tears. Finally, I did accomplish something by myself. I was so ready to start a new chapter in my life with new beginning at OU, where everything started first.

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