Empathy Gap: Social Media's Influence on Human Empathy

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Lack of Empathy is at an all-time high, because people are experiencing life through an App and travelling the world through Google Map. This read is most interesting to me, because social media has become relevant in every aspect of our lives. People are posting their issues on Facebook post and this has become a way of therapy, however, this form of therapy closes the questions that talk therapy know how to open up. The growing use of text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and app after app technology could led us into a global lack of social skills. Our entire existence is dependent on Likes instead of face-to-face interactions. People tend to be self-observed they only care about how many likes they are receiving. It’s almost becoming a competition amongst friends. I like how the writer states that people expect more from technology and less from each other hint emojis show feelings can indicate a facial expression at first it was just a heart and happy faces.

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I’d like to go on record to say that based on 24-hour day there is no room for Face to Face conversations and it will soon be severely non-existent. The reason I say this is because people spend at least 8 hours a day at work, 8 hours a day sleep, 1 hour at the gym, and people spend approx. 4 hours a day on social media, which means you have only 3 for misc., which includes eating and caring for your body that is 5 days a week. We have no time for Face to Face it’s too time consuming. Texting saves more time and going through your Facebook giving a thumbs-up is quicker to check on your love ones and see what they’ve been up to instead of calling or stopping bye.

In-person communication is vital aspect of our mental wellbeing. I believe that years from now, we will see people losing it due not enough interactions. Also, social skill will decrease due to lack of human contact, which means friendships with be superficial. I do believe that people will tend to prefer a way to communicate that will allow them to avoid an in-person discussion. In-person conversation especially sensitive conversations will uncomfortable/too personal. The fact that people are okay with having a serious conversation via text is a problem. To say it’s much easier just to communicate through technology, because it’s efficient and it’s way to detached my feelings. We are programming ourselves into robots.

Social Media robs us from positive social and cognitive development and that is what we need as humans’ social interactions, which is the glue to long term friendships. You can truly know someone until you’re face to face with them and it’s that’s just my opinion Turtle states this may be detrimental to our human existence, because people are actually relying on apps vs real life therapy. The Bible also teaches us to face conflict, “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault (Bible, Matt.18.15) not give him a thumbs up.  

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