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Employee Motivation And Its Impact On Organizational Performance

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This Research focuses to determine the key factors of employee motivation and its impact on organizational performance, the main purpose of selecting the topic because of the gap which was still not filled by researchers in Pakistani environment. This research highly focuses Pakistani organizations this research will provide a way to enhance organizational performance research has two main objectives first to identify the key factors or most important factors of motivation and second impact of those factors on organizational performance. Let’s start our study by defining motivation with help of previous researches.

A research conducted in Columbia where researcher is on the view that the main source behind our behavior is motivation due to motivation we create willingness for some action or we decide what to do or not . As in the literature review author is on the view that motivation is something which boosts up person, create need and desire in a person to perform well. Motivation is a vital and complex part which help leaders an attempt to place ability in employees to achieve organizational goals and the work. Distinctiveness of this study is that, this research is conducted for the first time in Pakistan environment this research is helpful for the organizations working in Pakistan, this study will be helpful for the employers of the organization to understand the nature of employee this study will provide different techniques of motivation and how to create erg in a employee to work for the organization. Previous researchers has also conducted this research as this is secondary research so with the help of previous findings I am going to conduct this research again but in Pakistani environment and my target sample is different branches of Meezan bank in Karachi Pakistan. A research conducted in Pakistan in which author highlight the importance of motivation and categorizes motivation as internal factor and he is on the view that motivation is an internal driver which convince person to behave and act in a particular these internal situation are wishes, desires, goals, activate to move in a particular direction. For any organization motivation is essential factor to increase performance of their employees. As discussed above that motivation is an internal factor so it’s a internal process that moves person toward a particular target. Another research conducted in Pakistan where researcher highlighted the way to achieve performance author is on the view that employee should have self-responsibility toward the organization and his targets and task and organization must have proper performance evaluation system at all levels on the basis of evaluation they should give rewards to their best performers and reward can be monetary reward or any intrinsic reward like empowerment and recognition.

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Motive behind selecting these variables is because previous researcher highlighted the importance of this variable so I felt that this variable should be tested in Pakistani environment so that we can determine key factors of motivation. After the research different results will evaluate like weather motivation is important for performance If yes than what are those major factors of motivation that increase performance.

A research conducted in California where researcher this research reveled very interesting aspects of motivation that if organization properly schedule motivational programs then this surely will increase performance of employees not only in quantity but also in quality about 20 to 40 percent. Three kinds of problems can easily be solved with motivational program first that employees mostly don’t want to change and not focusing on their target second mostly employees treating their task so easy though it’s not and third making mistakes and not putting their mental effort and become overconfident. In the same research he is giving a view of Dean Spitzer’s (1995) that 20 percent employees just doing their minimum work 20 percent employees agreed that they are working in organization at their minimum level so that they don’t fired from their respective so motivation is way to boost up such employees toward work. The best evidence revealed that there can be an outstanding increase in performance if motivational strategies are implemented in organization.

Boston group of companies is one of the most successful organization in the world in one of their article they share some secret of success that High performance organization have a well-defined and well organized employer brand high performance organization invest in employees development through training and rotating them from their responsibilities by the time employee reach at the top and have broad view of organization these are the powerful motivational tool. Author said in his research that motivation is everything. Without Motivation Company can’t survive because even most hardworking employee failed to work efficiently if not given motivation? This is inner drive which help employee to work more than the expected level of their intellect and educational ability. Research highlighted to identify those factors of employee motivation which impact on organizational performance in banking industry and particularly Meezan bank in Karachi Pakistan and examining the interlink among employee motivation and organizational performances. If we look history of any organization so they used to give motivation to employees to increase their performance because organization knows this better that motivation is soul of performance. As we are familiar with economic crises era so organization nowadays are more focused toward their success and growth and for this they need to satisfy their employees and motivation is best way to satisfy your employee now its depend on the situation which way of motivation organization select to motivate employees it can be either extrinsic or intrinsic and organization should have a eye on the major factor of motivation which should be treated with an increased interest. History proves that researchers has worked a lot in this topic and they said that institution and organization are like engines 6 noble reward were given to researchers on this topic and researchers are on the view that organization performance is most important variable in management research .

It’s difficult to understand the definition of organizational performance because it has different meaning and we are well aware and familiar with this term that’s why we don’t have any globally recognized and specific definition for this term but if we glance on history so they used to describe organizational performance as how they are accomplishing their targets and achieving their results. All the organization in this competitive era are working for their survival and in order to meet these challenges they must have strong strategies so motivation is one of the important tool or strategy for all organization to achieve their long term goals or future targets because performance is a main thing which increase organization worth in a volatile market. This statement identifies that organizations in order to survive in this fast moving era must have eye on employee motivation because motivation increase organizational performance. Employee Motivation is very important for growth and long-term success of every business because if employees are motivated by their managers or bosses so they are more appreciated to work by their complete focus and interest. In this research I have focused both intrinsic and extrinsic factors of motivation which impact on employee performance.

According to McCormick and Tifflin (1979) motivation has two main types which are intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation focuses the internal satisfaction which individual enjoys it come from its workplace and employee got intrinsic motivation when employee complete his task or achieve organization goal successfully. And extrinsic motivation is opposite of intrinsic motivation that comes from outside that employee feel by getting external rewards job benefits compensation. Factors of motivation chosen by viewing the importance in previous articles research, and journals for the study three sub-factors selected like recognition (intrinsic type of motivation), monetary incentives (extrinsic type of motivation) and empowerment (intrinsic motivation) and will going to check the impact of these factors of motivation on organizational performance. Surveys conducted about the employees of the organization who got recognition from their employers and out of 50 respondents 76 % says that they are motivated to work hard when they got recognition from their employers while 24 % denied. This therefore implies that recognition helps increase a company’s performance in the long run. Empowered employees are more flexible and responsive which is better sign for an organization and it can move organization and its self-individual toward growth and success. The word empowerment means the more involvement of employees in the organizational processes and decision-making.

There are four instruments of empowerment which are first power, second information, third knowledge and fourth reward which means that when employees are given power of designation , authority and delegation so he feels self-motivated, creative and take decision at once which increase efficiency of employee and if employee have complete information and knowledge about appraisals, training and counseling so he is more focus toward the organization work and if he rewarded for his achievements so this make an efficient employee hence efficient organization because success of organization depend upon their employees.

According to empowerment theory says that by getting or giving power people got a reason to do something and they start working at the job with efforts to accomplish the goals. One of the major problems facing most employers in both public and people and business that are not a part of government is how to motivate their workers in order to improve performance money based rewards is definitely and positive a large and improves employee performance. In developing countries the cost of living is high and the quality of live is nearly low due to which they are more focused on money. Money remains the most significant desire by giving this people is more to do something more focally and willingly achieve their organizations goal.


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