En of the School Year at Coahoma Reflection

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This past year has taught me many different things. I have learned more, I have experienced more, and I have loved more. I found out what it means to not only fail but what it means to get up from failing. What it means to not let failure overcome your ultimate goal. From this learning experience, Coahoma Community Collge played a big role in it. At first, I had my own perception of what I felt like Coahoma would to be, instead of seeing for myself.

I had built up these thoughts from outside perspectives of people who didn't even attend Coahoma but people who had heard the same repeated issues that were relayed to them. Until I started to experience what the Coahoma Community College experience truly was. At least for a student who commutes but a student who is very active on campus. My experience with Coahoma wasn't the worst. Everything can use improvement nothing is perfect. I think, with Coahoma Community College it was more so of a lacking issue. We weren't lacking in education, we weren't lacking in abnormal issues, we were lacking from a Financial stance. Personally, I think the issue is bigger the institution itself. I think the issue comes from the lack of government funding for our Public schools in the Delta and jucos in general. Public Funding can make or break a lot of issues. With Coahoma not having the best funding, I feel as if it caused us to lack in certain areas in which others were succeeding. According to in 2014 Mississippi cut 1.3 billion dollars away from the schools and gave 1.3 billion to Nissan. As you can see, the problem here is that education is not Mississippi first priority. The problem is that we live in the state in the which we lack the basic human rights. Education is a human right! Why must we advocate for better education? Why must we go on a continuous rant about the importance of something that is a natural-born human right? Everyone has the right to learn, everyone has the right to live out to every potential option that they have. Why are we limiting that option? So my overall issue isn't necessarily with the school itself but the lack of funding that I received from the government to make us a better Institution. Yes, we do need more buildings, yes we need more programs, yes we need more sports. But we can’t expect miracles to happen when we don’t even have miracle workers or Miracle believers. if people from the outside don't see a reason to help the Delta, to invest in the Delta, and trust the process then overall we won't be able to grow to a better capacity. If we want to improve we have to get to the root of the problem. Once we understand the root of the problem and digest the issue, we can overcome the obstacles. If we were to receive the respectful amount of funding, the first thing that I would advise Coahoma Community College is that we expand the programs that are limited to certain students. If we are able to build bigger programs for more students we could look at a different outcome of each graduating student. Students would graduate with more experience in certain areas, students would graduate with more recognition, and students will graduate with the confidence needed! Expanding the knowledge and building the brand is the first priority. The second priority is building a bigger institution. So with building a bigger Institution, you'll find a better attraction. People would not only look at Coahoma as this middle of nowhere college but it will be a college with a great facility. A better place to not only learn but to live, to eat, and to sleep. Naturally, people make decisions on what they see instead of what they hear. Lastly, I noticed that Coahoma is a traditional school. With tradition, you have to understand that you can't let it overcome evolution. Sometimes as a society, we have to grow in order to know more. As a growing Society in this Millennium world, we have to adjust to the changes that are happening. That's with music, food, classes, and again certain programs to target certain student. So, the problem isn’t with the Institution. The problem is with the belief of the institution. When will others believe we are capable?

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