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Endemic Time for a Change for Mental Health Attitude

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As we all know, mental health has been a worldwide known fact for some time. In past years it wasn’t taken as seriously as it is today. Today’s society has made it acceptable to openly talk about these issues. There are times when one can simply see that this particular subject is very sensitive. Us a whole have to understand mental health has many factors to it. Mental health is a subject that you have to have a great sense of knowledge of. People of today have to understand that people need help everyday with this matter. Difficulty facing these issues can be very significant if not taken care of properly.

Being the suggestion of need professional help with this issue people may feel scared or offended by that. The state of Georgia often lacks the resources to help mental ill patients. Resources are the fundamental place of needing the help to treat mental ill patients. First order of business is how the state of Georgia has the need for psychiatric nurses. Within the millions of mentally ill patients we have this is ridiculous as it gets. In regards to the state of Georgia we are coming into a how Georgia College wants to make this happen. This particular college has the plans of getting more psychiatric nurses for mental ill patients. Belief abstraction this college idea is an option that many wouldn’t dream of taking. A nurse within this college by the name of Gail Goodwin had felt the need to continue to participate in this particular arrangement. With the supporting cause of the need for nurses has been tremendous. The care for the mental health is so little and that alone is a disturbing factor. “Roughly around almost a quarter of Americans go without any help for their condition.” For every mental health patients’ needs a certain care and if they aren’t given that then things can go way left field. As the state of Georgia has mental health patient’s programs should be created more often so problems like these won’t be common in our state. Georgia college is displaying something that could be beneficial for the state as well. Up to the minute within training these nurses can get the ability to be able to come into contact with mental ill patients. Contrary to belief it is time for psychiatric nurses to be abundant within the state of Georgia. People don’t understand what could possibly happen with this issue of this particular issue people could potentially be in harm’s way if they continue to go about this issue this way. Georgia should get a grip on this issue if things continue to be like this.

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Next issue involves a young girl who was 16 and killed herself and the system did not flag the girl for risk. You can imagine how devastating this event was to her family. It is important for health centers to begin to mark these issues and for them to evaluate their patients correctly. Georgia is failing the ability to take proper care of mental health patients and that alone is sad. Prior to the death of the 16-year-old girl “Suicides have had an increasing within a whole year worth of being under health care providers”. The job of a health care provider is to make sure a patient gets the treatment that they deserve properly. People’s life is at hand and that should shake people to do right by these people. Health care providers don’t understand how cruel it is to flag patients if they feel they are a risk. A 16-year-old girl died over a simple fact of not being flagged and after not showing up for appointments then a phone call was made. Some point people have to suffer the consequences regardless. There shouldn’t be a time where someone can say “Well what if things could have gone differently?”. People commit suicide every day and its time something is done about it. These psychiatrists have to start being very careful in their procedures. A patient should never say harmful things in a session and it not be taken carefully. Notes should be taken every second of that session and necessary precautions should be taken. Altogether these two articles scream endemic time for a change for mental health.

I believe these two articles are shadowing what the state of Georgia needs to do within regards to mental health. People have to start buckling down and doing their jobs correctly. The state of Georgia should be held responsible as much as possible for any deaths that tend to occur within this subject. The deaths that continue to occur is ridiculous and there’s a stop need to put for it. What happens next time if there isn’t a next time for someone? The guilt of the conscious for a psychiatrist or health care provider would be significant. There is so much that a person or patient needs and it seems as if no one wants to see that. It has to stop somewhere. Although you may not be able to save everyone, doing what you need to do and taking the necessary precautions should be enough.


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