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Endless of Moving and Transferring

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On March 2, 2014 was the first day I moved out of Anchorage, Alaska to move to Warren Michigan. I was only 13 years old at that time. It was also my first time riding an airplane filled with many people. When I sat by the window, it was really dark and I saw little lights blinking in the distance. I was really sad on the inside because I had to leave most of my siblings behind, even my dad. I was only moving with my mom during that time. I felt the engine of the airplane starting, it was moving in action. I saw the runway and the airplane was gradually speeding up to fly. As soon as the airplane took off, I heard the roaring of the sound like a jet. I knew that I was leaving behind many childhood memories, my friends, relatives, and the cold snowy ground of Alaska. My mom and I took two flights to go to Michigan.

Our first landing was at Denver, Colorado, then took another flight to go straight to Warren, Michigan. My sister was waiting for us at the airport, while I tried to help my mom to find the location to receive our luggage. I was really happy to see my sister again, it has been seven years since I have seen her. My mom and I temporarily lived with her for four months My mom and I moved again to St. Paul, Minnesota. My mom had a friend in Minnesota to take us there. This time we were moving by car. It was a long, long drive from Michigan to Minnesota. We drove for at least 7-8 hours. We had to drive through Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin to enter the state of Minnesota. Again I felt even more unhappy and desolate because I was leaving my sister.

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Next, I had to start over with going to a new school and make new friends. It was pretty significant for me to live there because I was born there, but never grew up to see the city life of the Twin Cities. At least I was living there for two and a half years. Time went so fast, I felt like I had lived in Minnesota for a long time. My older brother moved in with my mom and I in the year of 2016. Finally I had someone to talk to and irritate with Close to the end of the year of 2016, my dad and my little brother moved to St. Paul to live with our cousins. I got to spend some time with my dad during the weekends. It made me really happy and joyous. A couple months later, little did I know that my mom made the decision to move to Sacramento, California. My mom was having a hard time to find a job and had trouble with finances. I was really angry, but depressed at the same time.

Then, my brother bought the cheapest flight to California. Again I was leaving my dad and my little brother. I felt like I haven’t spent enough time with my dad. This was like a sequence of moving and leaving again. Most of my friends were devastated to see me leave, I was too, but I was the one who was more miserable than them. So my brother, my mom, and I took 3 flights from America Airlines. Our first flight was from St. Paul, Minnesota to Denver, Colorado. The first flight was quite normal and tiring. The second flight was from Denver, Colorado to LA, California. I was having a bad headache from the second flight, because of the jet lag, and excessive hours of flying. I felt like I wanted to throw up to the point that I had to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom, I was already fine. I’m glad that I didn’t threw up at all. It was very terrifying for me.

My last and final flight was from LA to Sacramento. This time I had a worse headache of the night, but the flight was only an hour or so. I hope I don’t take flights multiple times again. Taking one is already enough for me. Here I am in Sacramento, California where it’s burning hot in the summer with no winter seasons all year. I arrived in Sacramento, California in January 11, 2017. It has been a year and a half since I lived here. I have really great friends here, but no relatives. I still don’t like California because it’s hot and filled with bad drivers. Well at least I’m still going to school, trying to finish my upcoming senior year of high school.

To summarize it all, moving from house to house and transferring from school to school, did have an absolute impact in my life. I learned that no matter where I go I will always stay the same. All of my life I was beside my mom, helping her whenever she needed. This experience has shaped my view of individualism by realizing that not many people would be able to help me through these struggles. I am proud of myself that I got to do things on my own. For example, taking myself to school, asking rides from a friend, and having fun on my own. I see this as a guiding principle and something to be avoided.


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