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Endless possibilities with Virtual Reality technology

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Hello Steemians

I’m so glad and super pumped to be part of such a great community of content developers. I’ve been searching for a medium to express myself through writing and I know I’ve found the right set of people.

My name is Godson, a graduate of chemical engineering from Covenant university. I currently intern at an oil and gas company where I get to practise all I learned in school.

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I started writing at a time when I was depressed and going through a lot emotionally. Writing was an escape for me, it made me feel better whenever I poured out my heart on paper. I’ve written songs, poems, fashion and fitness articles for different blogs and magazines. I love to challenge myself in writing, and life basically. I love working out and watching movies.

I’m always blown away by new technology and creating better versions of what already exists. My latest obsession has been Virtual and augmented reality. The applications of this advancement in technology are endless.

Virtual reality is simply Computer generated simulations of three dimensional space. This technology emerged a couple of years ago with very limited possibilities and applications but has experienced tremendous growth because the world is beginning to see It’s potential and how much it would affect and ultimately change lives in coming years. Without a shadow of doubt we could affirm that virtual reality is the next big thing with endless possibilities.

Experts speculate that revenue that could be generated from virtual and augmented reality could reach a stunning 120 billion dollars by 2020.

The big question to ask is, what would the future of this revolutionary technology look like in the coming years?

The future of VR

  1. Universities would start using VR Technology to teach. The limitations of being confined to a classroom would be overhauled once this technology has advances. Already many classes are taken online but a VR experience would be a welcomed addition.
  2. Architects could use VR Technology to simulate buildings, giving them the ability to move things around and add any component they choose.
  3. Astronauts could use VR Technology to simulate life on other planets. This would help them prepare for dangerous missions. Also they could simulate the rocket launch sequence which is a daunting experience for all astronauts.
  4. The military could incorporate VR technology in their trainings. They could simulate assault missions to train their soldiers, making them ready for many life threatening missions.
  5. Parks and rides could be simulated for kids to play with.
  6. Live events could be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Other possibilities with VR include; Medical research, real estate development, interior design plan testing.

Imaginary worlds could be created and explored however we choose and anything we think about can be created with Virtual Reality technology.

Most new inventions come with a few challenges and downsides, VR also has a few.

  1. Every new technology is expensive at first but gets cheaper with time. Because of the type of technology and skill involved in producing these simulations, VR is expensive and the full experience cannot be afforded by an average person.
  2. Motion sickness is usually experienced because what you see doesn’t match what you hear in your inner ear, and the brain gets confused.
  3. There is no sense of touch because the experience is all simulated and the walls appearing in the simulation isn’t actually there. This robs the user of this major sensory experience of touch.
  4. The biggest and best games right now would not be enjoyed in VR because nobody wants to be ducking, crouching and fighting for hours like they do with regular gaming consoles.

VR is better for soldiers because they actually perform these physical activities in real life and need the training. But you would definitely not expect much physical exersion from a 40 year old man who sits on his couch after a long day at work. All he wants to do is sit there and cut of heads or shoot people without having to break a sweat. However, VR would be wonderful for games that involve sitting, like flying a plane or driving. Because all you have to do is sit, press a few buttons and move little.

If a VR headset is used in a confined space, you could hit a wall after walking a distance. But the intoduction of omni directional treadmill had solved this problem.

What is an Omni-directional treadmill ?

This treadmill allows you walk continuously in any direction without hitting a wall. It changes direction and is not limited to a single direction of motion like the conventional type used in gyms.

The military uses the omni directional treadmill to train soldiers. They simulate different situations and with this revolutionary treadmill you’re able to run in any direction you choose, as would happen in real life. You could evade bullets by hiding under cars and crouching and whole lot of other possibilities with the treadmill. It’s currently manufactured and used by the U.S. military in their training.

Virtual Reality is the Future, it is the key to an exciting new world.


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