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Engineering Ethics From Islamic Perspective

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Public Interest and Welfare

An Engineer should give Priority and utmost importance to public health during doing any work related to his profession. He must take all types of precaution before commencing any work so that public health and safety will be secured and no harm will be inflicted to them. Allah said: “If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of whole people”.

Truthfulness and Sincerity

An Engineer should be truthful in his public statement about his ability, area of specialization and capacity to do the works. Allah said: “Oh you believe, fear Allah and stay with truthful people. ”

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Obedience and Compliance

Like any other worker, employee officer, an engineer should be obedient to his employer and other officers under whom he performs his duty Allah Said: “Take account of yourself before you are counted for. ” The Prophet also said: “Every one of you is responsible and caretaker for those who are under his care”.

Work for Sustainable Development

Islam encourages development works. An important type of sustainable development is to development of a piece of unowned land by making it suitable to cultivate or to do business on it The Prophet said: “Whoever develops a piece of land that does not belong to anyone deserves it the most” He also stated: “People are servants of Allah and lands belong to him”.

Continuous Struggle towards Perfectness

An engineer is supposed to do his work as perfect as possible. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Surely Allah loves one from among you who, when he accomplishes any work, accomplishes it perfectly” Perfectness of works of an engineer requires Knowledge of these works. Therefore, he should have up to date Knowledge of development in his field of specialisation Allah said through the mouth of Prophet Yusuf: “Appoint me the supervisor of treasuries of earth for I am a very knowledgeable supervisor”.

Avoidance of Harmful Soft Wires

An engineer should not develop any soft wires that are harmful for others such as developing of viruses that can destroy contents of the computers of other people. This point is supported by Hadith where the Prophet PBUH forbade inflicting harms to others and a Muslim Engineer is not allowed to develop any soft wire on obscene entertainments.

Avoidance of Unfair Competition

Islam encourages striving for good deeds individually as well as collectively Allah said: “They strive together (as a race) towards all that is good”Islam also encourages mutual collaboration for doing good deeds that include beneficial engineering works and projects. Allah said: “Help each other in righteousness and piety, but do not help each other in sin and rancor”. Then it may be said that fair competition is allowed for Muslims including engineers. However, an engineer avoids unfair competition with his colleagues and also with engineer from other companies.


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