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According to internetlivestats. com, it processes 40,000 search queries every second, and that translates around 3. 5 billion searches a day and the yearly statistics is in trillions. However, there is much more information to know about its products and services. This marketing mix of Google presents an analysis of Google products, its distribution channels and the prices they are available for as well as how it promotes them. The objective of this research is to show the impact of Google marketing mix as a strategy. According to www. wikipedia. com (2018) Larry Page and Sergey Brin established Google when they were students at Stanford University California. It was established in 1998 and now transforms into the most great search engine and one of the main web innovation and promoting companies everywhere throughout the world. The band’s name “Google” is an equivalent word for search today.

However, aside from internet searcher, the brand is dynamic in other different areas also. There is a big list of items offered by Google. Android mobile phones, tablets, social media, e-mail, web program and others items. If somebody works online, probably uses Google day by day. Its internet searcher, program and Gmail are most well known items that are utilized by individuals everywhere throughout the world consistently. As indicated by internetlivestats. com, it forms 40,000 search questions each second, and that interprets around 3. 5 billion searches per day and the yearly measurements is in trillions. But, there is much more data to think about its items and administrations. This report of Google´s marketing mix exhibits its appropriation channels and the costs they are accessible for and in addition how it advances them.

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Two Stanford University students established Google, in 1998. The brand has turned into the most well known web index of the world from that point forward, due to its creative arrangement of marketing. Google found a decent market target and put resources into development to advertise itself as the huge organization that everybody knows today. The principle income of Google today is AdWords, which is the utilization of promotions on the web to get to publicizing locales and the advertiser who contracts the google benefit pays for clicks on their websites. One of Google’s specializations named Google Labs is contributing on another web innovation that brings advancements like searching product catalogues and a profiles web search. Google’s advertising strategies can be partitioned to the 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion and place. Google has constantly considered each area of the 4 Ps of marketing, which has made the organization dependably have preference over its rivals.


This research was done based on some secondary sources, mainly on sites belonging to the Alphabet Inc. which a group that Google brand is into. In addition, other information needed to complement and conclude this research report were searched on various websites that are within the subject such as Wikipedia. com. and on the book Principles of marketing (11th ed. ) written by Kotler, Philip & Amstrong, Gary.

Google Marketing Mix

Google’s marketing mix can be viewed as one of the greatest contributors of worldwide business. Established in 1998, the organization’s business extended to incorporate Google Search and in addition various different services. Google’s marketing has a decent methodology due to the organization’s enhancement, the organization has a powerful mix of an extensive variety of products, a reasonable price system and pervasive item appropriation, and additionally promotions.


Product is one of the segments of the 4P’s of marketing. An organization or an individual must have item to showcase and to offer to the general population Google’s services and products includes various items. These items are typically grouped into promoting, business, and the Google Store items. In its publicizing items, it is sold Google AdWords, where Google offers content based advertisements, and the clients pay each time when clients click on their websites. Google income is made through publicizing. At the point when a shopper enters a catchphrase, the internet searcher shows result. In any case, you will see that at the best or along the correct side of the outcomes, there are a great deal of promotions. These advertisements are paid by organizations. This program is called Google AdWords. In their Business Solutions it is offered a Search Appliance to customers that need answers for their workers by bringing the best hunt innovation and intranet. Google offers equipment and the sistems to the customer, it has models of the Search Appliance for a few sorts of business, for example, client confronting sites applications or supporting worldwide specialty units. At last, the Google Store offers things, for example, cell phones, T-shirts, packs, tops, and different items with the brand’s name imprinted on it.


Price is another part of the four Ps of Google´s marketing. According to Armstrong and Philip Kotler (2006) Cost is characterized as the measure of cash charged for an item or benefit or the entirety of the qualities that shoppers trade for the advantages of having or utilizing the item or administration. In the Google’s marketing, the value based methodology is utilized for its AdWords web based publicizing administration, where sponsors could put offers in the page. According to ads. google. com (2018) Google’s cost for AdWords is determined to the measure of results every day it gives its clients. For GoogleAds situation the cost is at 5 cents for each day, anyway it can go as high as $50. 00 every day. Google´s marketing areas always thinks about the real value, the discounts, the remuneration, the period of the service and the terms of recognition as important components to be considered when defining the cost.


According to Armstrong and Kotler (2006) Promotion is publicizing, individual offering, and deals advancement which impart the benefits of the item and induce target clients to get it. On numerous occasions Google has declined to disorder its main webpage with irritating promotions, flags, or connections to different sites, as announced by Ben Elgin in recent issue of BusinessWeek (2017). Google has conceded to center around hunt and keeps away from extravagant illustrations. Fellow benefactors Larry Page and Sergey Brin detest the possibility of promotions influencing list items. Thus, Google does not complete a ton to get their name out to general society. Shockingly, the organization has developed by overhearing people’s conversations, not by publicizing. Google depends significantly on verbal exchange to create and extend their imaginative image. Google’s advantageous products and very good search effects have made it one of the world’s best-known brands through informal marketing from satisfied clients. Google’s development is verification of the intensity of viral promoting, without the requirement for gigantic publicizing spending plans. With viral promoting, clients turn into the organization’s publicists by telling everyone who thusly pass on the news to their companions until the point that it escapes hand and verbal outcomes. Google is unquestionably a fruitful verbal exchange and an informal exchange flows in light of the nature of the item. Google has additionally joined forces with Amazon. com to make accessible Google’s pursuit innovation and supported connections on their site.


Place incorporates any business exercises that make the service or product accessible to target clients. Google’s place is the world wide web. In the previous years, Google has gone from 100 million searches for each day to more than 200 million and just a 30% originates from the U. S. A. , the rest are in 88 different languages. VeriSign, which works a great part of the Internet’s foundation, was preparing 600 million space demands for each day in 2000. It’s currently handling nine billion every day. A space in. com or. net. inside the following couple of years clients will have the capacity to be both portable and completely associated, because of the pending blast of Wi-Fi, or remote loyalty. Utilizing radio innovation, Wi-Fi will give fast association from your workstation phone to the Internet from anyplace, such as McDonald’s or your library.


The first suggestion to Google is to keep doing what they are doing as such well and that is ordering and rating billions of website pages each day superior to anything other internet searcher engine. They should keep on isolating the paid list items with the other items. By the way, Google should keep on being creative and attempt new things. Despite the fact that the organization will extend quickly in the next years, they should continue geting just the most appropriate and capable representatives. This will enable Google to proceed to grow and extend its incentive to everybody.


If Google is resilient as it has been in the past it should be able to overcome even the most volatile market; tech stocks. Google must have an ongoing plan for marketing now that they have filed to become a public corporation. All eyes will be on their every move now and they may have to modify their marketing plan in order to satisfy their new customers, the shareholders.

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